“What you do ritualistically defines your health and well-being.” – Not my quote… I’m sure I read or heard this somewhere.

In other words: your daily habits (lifestyle choices) create the overall sense of how you feel.

As 2019 approaches (well it’s hear now, this took awhile to finish so I’m fashionably late)…

I challenge you to look at your habits, rituals, or lifestyle choices. What are your healthiest habits? What are your “worst” or least healthy habits? This does not mean what you think other people feel are your worst habits but rather what YOU feel inside (in your heart of hearts) you know you would feel better changing.

Some people aren’t into resolutions (and that’s understandable). You do not need lofty resolutions to be successful with healthier lifestyle choices. Personally, I like over the top resolutions or goals. (I’m extra” that’s why…) I like to think of each New Year as a perfect time to de-load, slow down, and think of how I can improve from the previous year. Basically, a personal yearly evaluation. With the “extra” method I find that even when I “fail” to hit the target 100% of the time I still come out WAY ahead from where I started (so in the game of life that is a win). It would be like having a goal to win the Super Bowl 70 to Zero. That is an outrageous goal… so what happens when you make it to the Super Bowl & only win 28-21? Well technically you failed to reach your goal, but you are still the Super Bowl champion and since the only person you are battling in your life is YOU (since it is YOUR life) then you do not have to worry about dominating the championship. I mean, maybe that’s a horrible analogy but I’m not here for social media meme-like analogies anyways. I just want people to feel better.

The Domino Effect: Learned from John Maxwell

When you change your thinking, you change your beliefs. When you change your beliefs, you change your expectations. When you change your attitude, you change your behavior. When you change your behavior, you change your performance. When you change your performance, you change your life.

I love this.

It is even “sweeter” when you see others make these types of changes. When you make bold changes in the way you think and believe others will often criticize you and say that you are different, not the same, or even use harsh words. I’ve experienced this personally and I have seen it happen to others. It starts at a very young age and never stops. I encourage you to surround yourself with positive people who want you to succeed in your life. I also encourage you to be the one that motivates others around you at home and work to reach their goals. By talking to people about their vision and sharing yours you can help each-other out. “Eagles Soar with Other Eagles.” I used to joke about this with a group of friends, we used this quote to push each other through hard days of work and fitness etc. The more I said it the more I realized it was true. It takes time to carry out big scale changes but if you have the mindset you will make it happen.

Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

2018 in a nutshell (plus self-grading)

2018 was a great year of experimenting. My overall goal was to continue what I started in 2017 (try to reach my peak of health & well-being) knowing that this is an endless lifelong journey and also realizing more and more if you do not enjoy the journey then it is not going to work out because it is honestly way more convenient, “easier”, and less of a hassle to give in to the trap of what the media, schools, and society teaches us is “healthy” or “alright” or “good enough” and these conveniences may seem easier until you are facing the true hassle of sickness, disease, frustration, and a lot more  $ $ $ spent on appointments, medications, missed days of work, and then (BOOM you suddenly start realizing the true value of investing into your health)… we chose our own battles.

In 2018 I committed most of my free time to reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching videos on HEALTH rather than what I studied for most of my adult life to this point (FITNESS, SPORTS PERFORMANCE NUTRITION (rather than longevity nutrition) and MILITARY).  This process is extremely enjoyable to me personally, but how much I know personally about my own health is only a fraction of the battle, the thought of living long and healthy but having to watch friends, family, and “clients” (I hate that word) battle sickness is not a pleasant thought so I decided to take several steps back from my personal time in the gym (a huge leap back- which has been a huge personal struggle), to share with others how the health journey was going & hopefully allow them to make changes as well. I quickly found out how crazy life can get when you publicly share your beliefs & knowledge. I also had to learn how to “Let it Be.”

I feel like I went from the guy with the short fuse who would avoid any and all confrontation (by all means necessary) to the guy wrapped in daily debates on social media, text message, or in direct hour+ long conversations that would drain me so bad mentally I had no energy left for what was my “escape time” my entire life… WORKING OUT. I found myself in deep prayer on many occasions asking myself and God why I re-started my Instagram after so happily deleting it the year before and why I was spending endless hours ranting on Facebook, WordPress, and arguing my viewpoints to my immediate family when I realized 99% of the people do not agree to the same level as me and the 1% who do usually do not say anything until months later we run into one another. But I kept truckin’ along and posting every single issue that would bother me & a long the way more and more people started reaching out (in a positive way). I found trustworthy doctors, made new friends who share the same vision, and learned more in a year than I could ever imagine learning in a classroom environment ( I felt like I was in the field) .

There is no way I could have accomplished (what I am proud of in my own mind) without setting goals for myself to start the year, and this was only the second year where I really set firm yearly goals for myself beginning at the start of the New Year. Before this yearly “goal setting” I would just have set long term performance goals like:

I am going to qualify for CrossFit Regionals as an individual.

I am going to win the district mile in high school track.

I am going to be the most physically fit Marine in bootcamp (the Leatherneck award).

I am going to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

They were all very challenging goals, all of which I achieved (90% not to brag- but 10% sort of) but really to share that I have never accomplished anything notable (to myself PERSONALLY & that I can remember) without having a goal -or- target far beyond what I really accomplished.

Now that I shared what I really accomplished above. Let me share that my actual goals were “FAILURES” that led me to achieving the above “SUCCESSES” … HUH? What does that even mean…

It means these were my actual goals:

I am going to make it to the CrossFit Games.

I am going to make it to the Olympics in the 800-meter run or the 1,500-meter run.

I am going to be in Special Forces, protect the president working undercover, and possibly be in a movie (no I’m not joking).

I am going to qualify for the Olympics in the marathon.

FAILURES: There are two ways I can

look at these situations’ hindsight 20/20:

1.) I am a complete failure who never achieves his goals.

2.) “I have failed over and over and that is why I succeed.”- Michael Jordan

3.) “It is easier to turn a failure into a success than to turn an excuse into a possibility.” John Maxwell

It’s never the same time the event happens “the failure” that it clicks in my mind and I say WOW I REALLY DIDN’T FAIL AFTER ALL. It is when the dust clears, and I take a few steps back that I realize WOW ALTHOUGH I DID FAIL TO REACH MY TRUE GOAL, I AM STILL WAY MORE SUCCESSFUL FROM MY EFFORTS THAN NOT STRIVING FOR ANY AT ALL.

Therefore, I like “EXTRA”, “over the top”, “extreme” goals and resolutions with practical steps along the way. I’m sure this method had backfired a few times or fifty, but I can’t imagine living my entire life with limits and boundaries.

But anyways…


The gradings I gave myself are not like public school where you get 70% or higher to pass. If I had a goal and did not hit the target 100% of the time, then I failed the goal. But who knows how successful some of these failed goals will turn out looking back 10 years from now.

The 2018 “resolutions” were…

1.) No eating out for the entire year (FAILED- but really an overall success) A

2.) No alcohol for the entire year (FAILED- but made it 5 months- personal record) C-

3.) Start a non-profit (FAILED- but learned a lot & will still accomplish this task) D

4.) Feel better than 2017 (PASSED- flying colors) A

5.) Introduce at least one new healthy lifestyle choice (food, hygiene, sleep, books, spiritual, etc.) every week of the year. (FAILED- I don’t know if I made 52 changes… but I also don’t know if I made over 100? What I do know is I learned more about health and wellness in 2018 than any extended period of my life… and that is a scientific fact!) A+


I mean really, I haven’t been doing this very long…

And I’m almost certain this is not a new method… I did not Google or get this method from anywhere specific it’s just basically a little chart… so I’m not claiming to create some magical “thing.” It’s a K.I.S.S type of approach (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID).

And actually, when I say very long, I mean this is my first year to formalize it all because one of my goals this year is to add “structure” to my life. Apparently, a few years ago at my first ever business seminar it was brought to my attention how much of a business fool I was. My bad, I was just doing what I loved & I didn’t have a clue about structure, systems, and business. Then at the second business seminar it sank in that I grew A LOT but that I was still just a poor ignorant little fellow. Then the 3rd, 4th, and 5th business seminars happened, I still realize to this day I am nearly graduated from the school of hard knocks, but I am far from a master’s in business.

So, although I’ve “sort of” used these charts in my head to self-evaluate now they are going to be “structured, documented, formalized, saved, and… structured.” Yeah, I said structured twice cause that’s one of my goals this year. STRUCTURE.


Step one: Make a chart.

Step two: 1 all the way to 10… or 15… possibly 21

1 = the daily or weekly rituals I know are BAD or “naughty” in Santa’s eyes and 10 being the ones that I feel are IDEAL… or like the best I could ever be in that category.

Trying to go from a 1 to a 10 is not smart in this system.

That’s like me setting up a meeting with a financial planner & saying I want to have $100,000 in my savings account by 2020. The planner would look at my situation and understand that although miracles CAN happen this is a terrible goal and more of a day dream.

So, you have a chart… (yes, this is my actual 2019 chart)

I am never afraid to share my strengths, weaknesses, goals, visions, etc. with anyone and everyone because voicing these holds me accountable. Even if I fail, and all of 4 of my friends and 13 “legit” followers see that I failed, I do not care… but that’s a whole different table discussion (coffee).


The greatest thoughts, visions, and goals in the world did not come to life without a plan of action. (Most likely). So, I create my personal chart then create a plan to make the changes. Surely, other steps will be created along the way that I will be able to reflect on this time next year.

1- Cell phone use.

2- Creating alone time.

3- Alcohol & Communication

4- “Structure”

5- No fives, it feels so average that there needs to be a below or above average personal ranking. (that’s a joke)


7-Maximizing my father/daughter time (unplugged & away from technology)

8- “TV TIME”

9- Self-control with sweets

10- Keep dreaming man (me) – you’re too young to be at a 10 😉 + “complacency kills” (Just my thoughts)

“Personal 2019 Resolutions”

1.) Become overly communicative.

2.) Create structure for the businesses and personal life.

3.) Buy land for the business and personal life.

4.) Learn how to garden & farm.

5.) Read the entire Bible.

Extended Versions:

This portion is more for my personal reflection. Writing out my thoughts the last few years has helped me in so many ways. I enjoy reading back on what was “blogged” to see how far I have come and remind myself where I started. If I had the mind that many have where they seem to remember stories, events, etc. verbatim I could probably skip these steps…

1- Addiction to my phone

This is a huge problem for me. That is why its number 1. I have personal and work emails, personal Facebook, business Facebook, personal and business Instagram, text addiction, and 50,000 apps …. And all of this would be acceptable to me if I didn’t find myself browsing NOTHING for endless amounts of time day in and day out… but I get sucked in and it pisses me off. I’m going to improve in 2019. I love how much information I can gather and share on social media, but I hate how I end up being “sucked in” so I just need to make some adjustments. (self-control).

I feel like I already made progress here by removing my phone for the final 5 days of 2018. There were a few moments of panic in there but overall, I felt amazing and realized how many small changes I could make by putting my phone away a little here and a little there. Most of this will be possible by STRUCTURE and COMMUNICATION. If I have structures or plans in place plus communicate properly and work in healthier timeframes, then there won’t be the needed phone time all day from wake up until closing.


I took the first step of going 5 days without it. I am blocking out specific time frames where I will answer emails and do social media. I am going to use more of my paper calendar and journal instead of so many phone notes and calendars. I am also going to do emails from the computer only and remove access to mail on the phone once I have the habit created.

2- Creating alone time.

The time is there. I hate that I would use the words “finding” alone time like the time isn’t there. The time is ACTUALLY there. There is plenty of time. I must cut out wasted time throughout the day to “create” the personal alone time that is necessary. Ideally this time will come from removing wasted time on something that is negative. So, switching out a negative energy for a very positive energy is taking two steps at the same time. Or killing two birds with one stone (sorry PETA pants).


I have reached out to a few good men that I look up to about this topic and they helped quite a bit. I plan to find a place (outside) with peace and quiet, and COMMUNICATE with people when I need time alone. This will involve planning and “structure” and should help with the business, limit my self-created “need” for the cell phone, and decrease my personal stress.

3- Alcohol

2018 I made it the longest I’ve gone in my adult life… 4.75 months. Which, I was originally proud of even though I failed my goal of the entire year. I was only proud until I took at look back and realized how often I drink, drank, drunk the remaining 7.25 months of the year… and when considering how much I consumed it is not THAT bad and it did not negatively effect work days or cause legal or serious $$$ issues. The main reasons I give myself a 3 is because of what it did to me mentally…

1.) I said I was going to give up drinking for the entire year and I obviously wasn’t strong enough to finish the mission.

2.) I said on numerous occasions I was done drinking for awhile then found myself right back at it very shortly after.

3.) I found myself randomly having extremely strong cravings for beer and wine, beyond what I would consider “normal.”

4.) As much as I wish I did… I do not have the self control to “only have one.” Maybe every once in awhile but not typically. This has been a challenge while trying to reach my “peak.”

When I factor in the above issues, I feel like there is a problem that I need to fix. On top of that I have a goal to save money this year and this is an obvious area that can be eliminated to save money. The cherry on top is I want to feel my best & drinking usually creates not only a physical hangover but a 3-4-day brain fog type of hangover that I want to avoid. My friend described it as a “chemical change” and I couldn’t agree more.


Only consume alcohol at weddings, celebrations, and vacation.

3- Communication

(Yes, another 3) … Honestly, I’ve just always been bad at communicating. I’m sure some people close to me would laugh at the FOUR and give me a 2, 1 or zero. But this is my personal evaluation and hey, I’ve made progress over the last few years. Yes, I’m still not great at communication but I must give myself a few points for the progress. I don’t know how some people put up with me here, but they do, and I can only thank the Lord for strategically placing patient people in my life to deal with this. One of my major goals this year is growing in this area while adding some of the structure to my life. I believe they go hand in hand.

I want to get better at communicating with friends, family, loved ones, and the community we have built at the gym.


I honestly do not know, but I feel like I took the first step by talking to people I know I need to communicate better with and the second step of writing down that I want to work on it, so I will figure out the third step from here… then the 4th step. I’ve also found that praying out loud together has helped tremendously. It was extremely uncomfortable at first (and still is at times) but it is powerful.

4- “Structure”

The talk of structure started as a joke but then lead to having a personal epiphany. I have always had plans in place as far as nutrition and fitness, but I have never been great at having plans in place for other areas of my life. I realize with many of the new goals I have there needs to be more written down planning, documentation, and STRUCTURE. I never thought life would come to this… I like to wonder aimlessly and figure out each day hour by hour, I’m not sure what happen.  Just kidding, I know it needs to be done and I am okay with that.


I have already started the process. I have linked the structure with the communication and I’m blessed to have the right people in the right places to help me achieve these goals. I am documenting, saving, and planning “things.” It is extremely difficult for me. It is a “forced issue” at the current moment but I realize each time I formalize my thoughts it is like adding fresh oxygen to my tank. I’m confident I will fall in love with this process just like the health and longevity journey.

6- Plastics

When you take a deep dive into how many plastics are in our world (food packages, shower curtains, hygiene products, water bottles, shaker cups, storage products, the list is ENDLESS… the thought can become overwhelming & initially I was like “The best I can do here is damage control.”

After taking the time to truly learn the effects of plastic & how much is showing up in clinical studies of stool sampling (yes plastic numbers tested in stool- which can be directly linked back to many chronic issues) and seeing plastics effect on estrogens etc. I made some serious progress this year. But I’m nowhere near where I want to be here. I’m not longer overwhelmed here & feel like I can get to a level 9 by 2020. I give myself a 6 for a PERSONAL rank because I know I could do better. I have a firm belief our country average is ranked at a 1 here and find it unbelievable people still laugh at me when I talk about the negative effects of plastic materials to our bodies & to our environment (& this is not tree hugging- what negatively effects the environment in turn effects US and the future humans).

This is an area that takes thought & effort (aka: work)- something I believe we (as society) are getting further and further away from. Patience, thought, and effort. But who am I to judge? So, let’s move on…


They took sail last year. I’m just continuing to take one step at a time here.

7-Maximizing my father/daughter time.

Not just time spent together. Activities where we are truly connected to each other without technology: talking, playing games, and being TOGETHER. In 2017 I took Tuesdays and Thursdays completely off from work to spend the hours with Lennon. I fell behind on so many “work tasks” that I found myself on the phone basically working away from work. I took myself from what I would rank myself back then (5)-at the time I thought I was doing my best (and I’ve always tried to) but as I lived and learn I look back and see how much better I could have done…. I bumped up to a hard 7 in 2018 by spending these “working away from work hours on my phone” to putting my phone on airplane mode as often as possible, removing her iPad, and really hanging out with her as much as possible. – Last year I found a gymnastics class that gave me an hour to knock out work while she was active, so I wasn’t taking her to a park then halfway hanging out with her I could finish all the work while she was active and engaged in something then I could spend the rest of our time together with undivided attention like she deserves. Looking back, I’m not sure how I afforded her gymnastics classes, but I found a way. A year later, she loves gymnastics and I very rarely “have to” spend this hour on my phone, thanks to an amazing team we have… I noticed instantly the joy it brings her for me to watch her and cheer for her rather than sit in the bleachers on my phone. I eventually want to improve on this and only have a flip phone for emergencies. But that is a long-term goal that will take plenty of STRUCTURE & COMMUNICATION… ah interesting how things roll together.

I’m reading books and watching how other parents lead and I know I can do better in 2019. (This is not an area of my life that I’m willing to keep at an above average range. I must do better).


They took sail last year. I’m just continuing to take one step at a time here.

8- “TV TIME”

I have too many farfetched goals to achieve in the next 5-10 years to get addicted to TV series and sports like I used to. I realize saying that sounds a little “deuschy” but it is true. When I plan out the day/week/month/year and realize where time needs to be spent, I will fail to reach my goals while watching television. That does not mean I do not enjoy watching movies and relaxing in front of the TV it’s just not in the cards right now.

To rate myself any higher I feel I would have to get rid of my TV. I quit watching sports other than the championship games (this used to be an addiction of mine) and finding a TV series on Netflix is like a “cheat binge” kind of like summer vacation where when the series ends, I’m so glad to be away from it and back to my normal routine. (I’m comfortable with TV being a cheat meal in my life currently).


TV is basically going to be a “special occasion” treat. One of our friends puts their TV away except for during the holidays and certain times of the year. I thought this was a great idea that I might try out if I find myself steering from the “structure.”

9- Self Control for Food

(I can remember clearly every sugary cheat meal -and- added sugar food I had over 2019) it could always be better, but I’m not overly concerned here.


Keep improving by having periodic lab work done & document how I am feeling to see where I can make improvements.

10- Keep Dreaming!

I am too young to be at a 10 😉 + “complacency kills” (Just my thoughts)


Keep Climbing! I want to soar with the eagles… so I’ll be surrounding myself with as many level 10s as possible, continue reading the bible, and help as many others take one step at a time to get there as well!

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