Do you have trouble sleeping ? Or want to optimize your sleep?

Sometimes the simplest mistakes can ruin a full night of sleep. Many times, people will even be able to sleep the entire night but then wake up feeling tired because their sleep patterns are off – not getting enough REM or DEEP SLEEP. Sort of like being “passed out” rather than truly asleep.

There are numerous sleep devices out there that will do the trick… the only one I can give feedback on is the WHOOP because that’s what I’ve used and learned a lot from. The keys are making sure they track deep sleep, rapid eye movement, heart rate variability, sleep latency, and disturbances.

Sleeping pills:

Just because they put you to sleep doesn’t mean you’re actually getting quality sleep. Sleeping pills are a parasite to the world and one of the medicines we need to remove.

Personally, I would rather have 2 glasses of wine with some l-theanine and tryptophan before before every night until I died over having a sleeping pill. At least some people make the argument the wine can be healthy and the two aminos have several health benefits as well. I’m not saying this is ideal, but I am saying I BELIEVE this is much healthier than taking sleep medications.

When you track heart rate variability and sleep patterns while taking sleeping pills it’s very similar to going to bed intoxicated… heart rate variability is low (not good), deep sleep is decreased as well as REM. Which is why I believe finding other ways to fall asleep is much healthier than this “passing out” method.


Sure 1 or 2 glasses of wine around dinner time may not cause mayhem but if you are drinking heavily right before bed every night you’re not getting quality sleep & we don’t need a sleep tracker to prove this one. But I have tracked it and my sleep patterns and recovery are AWFUL after more than 1-2 drinks.

Blue light:

It’s not so “woo woo” in 2018 to tell people the blue light from TVs, phones, computers, and LED lights (yes even the ones in ceiling fans) cause decreases in melatonin (hormone related to sleep) and can effect sleep patterns even a few hours before bed! A few years ago I could tell someone this and they would be like “sure man yeah whatever.” It’s more accepted now…

What’s not as accepted?

WIFI (routers) and from Cell Phones: EMFs

It’s still “crazy” to tell people EMFs are harmful to us. That’s because they are everywhere and not everyone has felt the harmful effects of EMF yet. Keyword: YET.

When you look at how young WIFI and CELL phones really are they haven’t been around long enough to show their true ugly sides. But it’s happening and it’s going to be something in 20 years we look back on and say WOW WE WERE IDIOCRACY IN 2018.

Anyways, not going to go deep into EMFs. That’s a whole different topic and I’m still doing more research on them. What I will tell you is this… since were talking about SLEEP.


Put your phone on AIRPLANE MODE and turn bluetooth off. This includes bluetooth watches and iPads. If you are “on call” then keep your phone on the other side of the room. In the real world every inch matters, in EMF world every MM matters.

Turn off TVS in the room.

Make sure you do not have a ROUTER OR WIFI IN YOUR BEDROOM! Especially not your children’s bedroom! And I would never tell you how to raise your kids but I would never want my daughter to sleep near and IPAD that’s connected to WiFi (put on airplane mode) and remove the cell phones from the room during sleep if they have one.

Sleep patterns and WIFI go hand and hand. If you want deep sleep, turn that garbage off.

If you want to take it to the next step go back to 2000 and hardwire your house with Ethernet cords like I’m doing. (BUT IM JUST CRAZY) Don’t worry… common sense is an uncommon virtue and the harmful effects of radiation seem pretty damn obvious to me. But what do I know?


There are genetic slow & fast responders to caffeine. Some people can even fall asleep after drinking coffee. This does not mean they are getting HIGH QUALITY sleep. If you’re nervous system is being stimulated while you’re asleep then good luck 🍀. Once again falls under the just because you are “passed out” doesn’t mean it’s the highest quality.

The typical half life of caffeine basically tells me not to have a cup of coffee within 4 hours. So an energy drink or more than a cup of coffee should require 6-8 hours for OPTIMAL sleep results. I aim to goto sleep at 9:30PM so that means my caffeine consumption stops at 3:00PM or my sleep is effected. That’s not only by how I feel in bed and in the morning, that’s further confirmed by a sleep tracker.

What do I recommend ?

If I’m using the phone, computer, or watching tv then an hour before bed I’ll put on my silly blue light blocking glasses. I would rather look like a goober then be half asleep all night and wake up groggy… plus they are $10 on Amazon. But I love them so much I’m going to get the fancy $80 gamers glasses because these safety goggles are old and fall off my face.

Turn your phone on airplane mode while it’s in your bedroom. WiFi interrupts sleep, this isn’t pseudoscience, it’s real life. I think it’s funny people think WiFi, bluetooth, and calls phones aren’t dangerous. They haven’t even been around that long and serious issues are starting to occur from their heavy use… but it’s still “woo woo” at this time. You can laugh, but in 10-20 years it’s not going to be funny.

Magnesium Supplementation:

It’s claimed around 70% of Americans have a magnesium deficiency. And this is based on the “guidelines” which I believe are lower than they should be for both magnesium and potassium.

Taking a high quality magnesium supplement before bed can help relax the nervous system. You aren’t going to feel sleepy or groggy like sleeping pills or other supplements. But it works for me.

Before bed I like magnesium calm.

I found that by increasing my magnesium amounts throughout the day took away my need for it before bed.

During the day I like magnesium threonate for cognitive support and magnesium glycinate for athletic performance, but I can’t take either of these forms before bed because they give me slight energy.

On top of these I eat a lot of nuts and pumpkin seeds which are high in magnesium.

If it’s close to bedtime and I feel like it may be hard to sleep I’ll take L-tryptophan and L-theanine. Both aminos.

I also take 15MG CBD oil. If you compete in sports be careful, CBD is banned in many sports now, which is a shame, you don’t get “HIGH” and there are numerous benefits to CBD that accompany deeper sleep. Ridiculous this is a banned substance.


This is a common sleep aid. I used to take this when I was addicted to pre workouts, high stim products, and had high anxiety because it was one of the only ways I could steep. Plus I didn’t feel like a zombie when I woke up like I did on the “medicine.”

Be careful…. melatonin is a hormone. Many people take 5-10mg per night!

Our bodies produce somewhere between 200mcg-400mcg per night from my understanding. So taking 10mg in a night is close to what some naturally produce in a month… sketchy… if I need it I break 1/2 of a 1mg tablet and take that.

When traveling time zones… this is an appropriate time to take 5mg+. Your body is confused and it’s a good way to get your bodies system to shift into where you have traveled. But day to day use of these dosages should be avoided in my opinion. Even high dosages are still better options than sleeping pills in my opinion as well (but I’m not a doctor).

I hope this helps you sleep. If you are on sleeping pills like I was many years ago, I hope this encourages you to find alternative routes.

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