Sodium salt licker

Salt (sodium)

What’s up with salt? It’s been demonized in the minds and souls of our community because of heavily processed table salts stripped of their valuable minerals. Sodium is 100% essential to our life.

Yes, having an extreme electrolyte imbalance is terrible for your health. Too much of any “thing” can be a bad thing. Balance, balance, balance. Whether it’s vitamins, electrolytes, fatty acids, aminos acids, enzymes, bacteria, etc… an overpowering amount of just about everything you can discover can lead to long term problems.

So yes, it’s very easy to get too much sodium in America. With many packed foods containing high amounts of sodium based preservatives (ketchup, roman noodles, dips, chips etc…), low quality processed meat products (cured bacon, processed sausages, cheap lunch meats, etc..), and our famous salt shakers loaded with non-iodized NaCl (they are located on just about every restaurant table I can think of)… so yes, if we consume too many processed sodium products (or even too much healthy sodium for that matter) this is not a good thing.

After the invention and proliferation of this type of artificial salt, doctors started noticing health conditions among the population that were related to lack of mineral intake, so they decided to insert iodine back into this artificial salt. That is where we get ‘iodized salt.’ But even with the added iodine, table salt does not come anywhere near the mineral packed powerhouse that has been naturally created.

Don’t get this twisted, I LOVE salt! It makes almost every food I cook taste better to me and doing CrossFit workouts in 100 degree heat every summer requires higher than the FDA RDV for sodium as well as all other minerals and electrolytes. So rather than traditional sports drinks (cough cough sugar water created and “clinically studied” by universities funded by BIG SUGAR), elite nutrition should include adding Himalayan salt to pre, intra, and post workout cocktails (Like with lemon, no-added sugar coconut water, or blended pineapple water…)

Not an athlete training in extreme heat? You still need sodium. There is no more obvious way for me to get the 84 trace minerals valuable to the body that mother nature has produced than to include real pink himalayan salt in my diet. The salt deposits from which Pink Himalayan Salt is mined are roughly 250 million years old, meaning they were deposited long before the earth became polluted with heavy metals, pesticides, or PCBs. While there is really no such thing as “organic” salt, this is probably the best form of sodium you’ll find anywhere on the planet. “

Himalayan salt is very pricey in stores! Like… you might pay 5-10$ for a few ounces but I buy in bulk from the internet to save a few bucks (like 2 lbs for $10) ! I sprinkle it on my local farm pasture raised eggs (Katerra Market in Katy), every vegetable I eat, and in any kind of “herb/spice mix (which I usually blend pure garlic powder, rosemary, caraway seeds, turmeric, cayenne or ground pepper, any combination of herbs that seem tasty at the time and the himalayan salt will enhance the flavor by astronomical BIG LEAGUE numbers. Huge. Just saying…

Just remember… if the package says low sodium, that’s probably not a good thing… they most likely switched the high sodium for something that’s a “sodium related flavoring or chemical” which is MOST LIKELY (but possibly not proven) more harmful than the processed salt itself.


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