Sunburn, Child Abuse, and Don’t be Weak.

Go ahead, smother your kids with chemicals, poison yourself and others with processed foods to celebrate a birthday, and continue to weaken your children, friends, family, and yourself while you’re at it. I mean, our country is not weak, but as a whole I believe our society is weak. There is so much social pressure to do “the right thing” in OTHERS eyes that 99% of people are too scared to speak their minds, 99% of people are confused about what’s REALLY healthy, and the mass majority just follow along the ones who do speak their minds like aimless sheep ready to be eaten by the lions.

Well I don’t know a lot of “things” but I’m passionate about health and fitness… so I know a few things about that.. and I’m going to stand up for what I believe in and speak out against what I do not believe in and if I don’t want to put sunscreen on my daughter, or give her the BS flu shot, and let her run around barefoot so everyone can stare at me like I’m the child abusive father… it’s hard work to walk around daily and not be pissed off! Honestly, I fell into the trap for like 10 years, just bottled it all up and felt pissed off… Two years ago I didn’t stand my ground on how I felt about vaccines and I just let my daughter get them. Cause yeah I assumed she wouldn’t die and it was a battle I didn’t want to pursue at the time. But the more overwhelming and obvious amounts of evidence against these vaccines will be why I wish I would have stood my ground. Do I expect any doctors of medicine to advise parents against shots? No way… but there are some very highly educated doctors who do speak up for what they know in their heart of hearts is right. And of course there are many that believe the Bible of American medicine is as accurate as the real Bible so no matter what the U.S. guidelines SUGGEST they have to be accurate and liking out for our best interest. I mean why would anyone want to make money off of the masses when they know it’s not the best thing for the masses right ? That would be just crazy and kind of evil….


So here it is folks…


 Yep, I did it… I allowed my daughter to get some sun burn this weekend. This was, in fact, the 3rd time in 3 years she has had a little burn because of me.  And I’ve probably cleared the 1,000 mistake mark at this point in my parenting career. But I could write an endless book on how hard I’ve been working to keep her as healthy and active as possible. We had a car wash outside and then a pool day at the gym…. I basically abused her because I purposely built her up to 2 hours of direct sunlight with no sunscreen and she was fine until Saturday, but then she somehow got too much sun in 1 hour Sunday… still trying to figure that one out… but either way, we will be at the river this summer so I’ve been trying to build her tolerance 15 minutes at a time starting at the park, 30 minutes at the lake, and then hitting the 1 hour mark a few weeks later… This is all direct sunlight, no sunscreen. So she can get all the health benefits of the sun… but what about skin damage? I quite possible already ruined Lennon’s chances of having flawless American skin and she may even end up with an embarrassingly cute little freckle, who knows.

 I’m not trying to pretend like I’m not upset with myself for her turning pink, I am upset, however… I’m not worried that she will toughen it out, get stronger, and that I will continue to improve her tolerance to the sun. And I’m surely not going to let it ruin my week because there are much bigger problems going on in my mind… like why did she have green snot and stuffy nose that was draining down causing throat irritation. I was so focused on keeping her allergies to a minimum so she wouldn’t get a sinus, ear, or throat infection that I had to monitor every thing she ate one by one. Had I poisoned her with more processed sugar and kept her cooped up inside the house all weekend I’m highly confident she would be sitting in the doctors office right now with an “infection” ready to be put on anti-biotics that could kill all the healthy bacteria in her guts that I’ve worked so hard to increase for her and we would be starting back from scratch… anyways… I do care about her sunburn, it’s just not that serious. (to me, it’s just not that serious to me, i’m sure to some people it’s a very big deal, but this is my blog… so) carry on….

From my understanding (but I’m not a doctor, or dermatologist, or someone who relies solely on others having skin problems to make a living) but I do have a brain, fingers to type, and ears to listen to figure out why SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE SKIN CANCER… from my understanding IF you have all your proper nutrients with HEALTHY cells, build your melanin properly through cellular adaption, and do not wear sunglasses which can decrease the melanin produced then you shouldn’t have these issues. Of course, key word shouldn’t. Because our air is heavily polluted, our foods are ridiculous and we allow toxic chemicals banned in other countries to be used in our “food products”, and so many people honestly just don’t care about health at all so I can’t really figure out how to help them… but I will always try. Well anyways… because of all these issues A LOT of our cells are not functioning properly and our bodies are not using the benefits of the sun.

Everyone is different but at the end of the day we made ourselves weak. We block our bodies from being able to protect us by babying our children, covering them with jackets the first feel of coldness or something not “perfect”-my comfortable. Most people do not have the proper balance of nutrients to even have healthy skin, so it’s probably not a good idea for them to go direct sunlight more than 15 minutes… so instead have them pour chemicals all over themselves, better yet have their kids rub those chemicals on for them and then let them use the extra to smear chemicals all over their face. That’s definitely healthier and much safer than getting some pink skin once or twice per year.


Yeah I get it, two hours in the sun when you HAVEN’T BUILT THE PROPER BASE could be extremely damaging to your skin. So…. well… build the base?? Or… wear natural sun screen AFTER you have properly absorbed your vitamin D… get 15 minutes a few times the first week, 30 minutes a few times for a week or two, in this pattern until you can go outside for 6+ hours with no sunscreen and “miraculously” not get burnt. Seems impossible huh? Yeah I would have laughed at someone telling me this 10 years ago, I have been so pasty white my whole life I would put sunscreen on before running outside, at the beach, or wherever… I had to be extra careful to cover my thin-thitive nose and tops of ears cause they got severely burnt.


Two years ago I came across a scientist or doctor or maybe he’s a doctor scientist who explained that by wearing sunglasses, sun blockers, and avoiding direct sun we make ourselves weak, prone to skin damage, and that our CELLS were what allowed us or did not allow us to get tan or be able to fight off the burn, or cancer, etc…


I was intrigued so I’ve read into this type of cellular healing a lot over the last two years and I’ve slowly removed all chemicals from my life… both chemical people (toxic) and chemical anti-perspirants, since both can have serious detrimental effects on my cells and well I want happy cells. Happy cells happy life that’s what I say.


Anyways, so am I telling everyone to go out all summer with no sun block? No… cause the 99% of people who don’t read the freakin details of the program will take my word and pee all over it then blast me publicly for being the ass hole that forced them to go outside in the sun for 2 hours and got them burnt to smithereens.


2 years ago, I was that guy…. 1st of all I didn’t pay attention to the common sense, I heard that I wasn’t going to ever be tan if I continued to ruin my cells and block my body from releasing more melanin… so I went to the beach and got so sunburned I thought life was ending. My feet actually got an infection because they were so burnt they blistered and then my dirty workout shoes got the best of me. So did I just never go out in the sun again? Hell no… I dug around and did the research, came up with a “spring to summer Vitamin D and melanin Program”. This was all written down in my head… I treated being outside in the sun like training for a marathon. You wouldn’t just wake up one random Saturday and run 26.2 miles without feeling some damaging effects. But if you started with 1 mile and BUILT YOUR PROPER BASE one run at a time for 6 months until it was game day you would complete the 26.2 Miles no problem. Assuming you do not have any pre existing excuses that may prevent you from training your body to do something “so stupid.”


So there I was… 1st day at the beach 2017… 1 year after the epic burn… the beers were open, the jokes were happening… oh hippy Kyle you’re not going to wear sunscreen you’re going to burn… 4 hours in the direct sunlight as a pasty white boy is a long time… but it must have been a miracle happening that day, I only got “darker”. Actually last summer I was 50 shades of tan. All natural, with no lotions, ever. I would be lying if I said I didn’t work up to that.


If I was going to be outside longer than I knew I could handle THEN and ONLY THEN I would apply all natural sunscreen with some zinc oxide. I still do not believe this is the best option out there but this is readily available at Target and other common places….


No posionmychildalene

No hexalene triptohospitalene

No garbagexane


It’s expected to get SOME pink at one point in the starting stages… but the human body is pretty amazing, our cells ADAPT- cellular adaption is real. Yeah, they might not adapt if you are really unhealthy on a cellular and inflammatory scale… so that’s a different story and something you should consult your physician about, I’ll just be praying your physician does not recommend the leading brands of sunscreen. If they do, fire them immediately and find real help. Real help meaning someone who actually cares about you.

But if you’re body processed nutrients properly and you treat it properly, the sun is basically the most amazing whole food we can get.


Both psychologically and physically.

Continue to enhance your cells! Every choice you make, good or bad has an effect on your cells. Counter every negative reaction with two or more positive actions, stay ahead of the curve.



I’m not going to make a list of “acceptable” (or what should be illegal to use) sunscreen… but I will encourage you to do your own research… here’s a link to a doctor who legitimately cares about people’s health…

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