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Females and Fasting

This has been a hot topic especially as fasting rapidly grew in popularity. The funny things is that fasting IS NOT A FAD DIET. It’s a natural healing response our body “magically has.” It’s been around FOREVER. Forrrr evvv errrrrrr (Sandlot- if you haven’t seen it… then I’m confused).

MALES DONT QUIT READING RIGHT AFTER THE FIRST PARAGRAPH- the hormone response to females is just as great for males… balanced hormones & more natural testosterone = feeling better. Trust me. Or not. Whatever.


This is predominantly regarding some changes females may experience during initial phase of intermittent fasting. The topic has appeared over and over because WHEN YOUR BODY MAKES IMPROVEMENTS THERE ARE GOING TO BE SOME “FEELINGS” or “side effects” people call them.

^^^These are not to be confused with the list of imaginary 375,365 side effects listed on every single pharmaceutical package and commercial. These are just signs from your body saying HEY, I LOVE YOU.

Make sure when your body tells you I love you that you respond back. Hey life partner, I love you too.

Okay jokes over… but here is the common issue with females and why some people get scared and STOP intermittent fasting -OR- THEIR PHYSICIAN DOES NOT WANT THEM TO GET OFF PREGNENOLONE, PROGESTERONE, DHEA, BIRTH CONTROL or ESTROGEN, TESTOSTERONE, or THYROID MEDICATION….

Why would they want to lose all those monthly sales when INTERMITTENT FASTING IS FREEEEEEE and it freakin works for 100% of the people I’ve seen do it.

Not 9 out of 10. Not 99.99%.

EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. Yeah, everyone is unique. So maybe it won’t work for you. Maybe you are the 1 in a trillion earthlings who will not benefit at all. Don’t try it.

Ok but for real the topic is….

Irregular timing and “heavier flow” than normal was the topic of discussion. Some females will experience earlier, or heavier, or extremely different menstrual cycles. Now, I’m not an OBG (Thank God), doctor, female, or expert but this has happened to significantly more than 1 female now (my wife was the first to experience these issues during intermittent fasting when I researched and told her I wouldn’t keep going – but then we were guided into her continuing and now she has a very regular cycle (28 days on the dot) with more balanced hormones (thank you Lord) which in turn helps her mentally and physically.

Thanks to Impact Health Labs for always being my goto source on cutting edge advice. Here is their response to my questions on the irregularities:

“Kyle, That is expected… because by making your body more efficient with increased metabolism, there bodies are getting elevated levels of hormones, thereby reversing the bodies age to something more like 5-20 yrs younger (when they were younger, they had heavier periods… generally speaking this is the case in most females). Estrogen Dominance is the biggest concern (by the time females hit 35 yrs of age, estrogen levels decrease by 35%, but progesterone decreases by 75% and progesterone is the anti cancer hormone that helps “flush” out excess amounts of estrogen out, preventing it from accumulating. The reality is that they should try to maintain high progesterone levels until post menopause to prevent cysts, fibrosis, endometriosis, psos, and cancers of breast and ovarian tissues… the fact the periods increased suggests they need to stick with it, and “normalize” with new hormone levels and not revert back to lower hormone levels…”

For more information visit:

Mayo Clinic or Cleveland clinic website



However they won’t discuss treatment. Regarding some changes females may experience during initial phase of intermittent fasting.

P.S. share with your MEN that balancing our progesterone and pregnenolone WILL make them feel better or I will give them their money back ;).