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Now this is a subject I love talking about for many reasons.

1.) I know zero males who want low testosterone.

2.) Low T and estrogen imbalances are effecting men of every age. I wish there were more studies done on “the drive factor” and hormone levels.

Best ways I could think to LOWER my TESTOSTERONE and increase estrogen. Everything a man wants right?

⁃ Drink out of plastic bottles.

⁃ Microwave plastic containers and frozen veggies/rice with and eat the food.

⁃ Boil instant rice in “heat friendly” plastic.

⁃ Sleep less than 6 hours every night.

⁃ Play on my phone, computer, and TV leading up until bed time.

⁃ Eat plenty of soy products.

⁃ Make sure I skip my veggies because eating veggies is for sissies and I’m a man.

⁃ Make sure I use my laptop “literally” in my lap.

⁃ Keep my phone in my pocket. The radiation right near my man parts has to be great.

⁃ Wear tight underwear 24/7 ensuring the area stays nice and warm- fully restricted all day and night.

⁃ Drink plenty of alcohol. Whiskey delta.

⁃ Eat right when I wake up and make sure I don’t stop eating until right before bed. A nice 18 hour eating window with 5-6 meals is “ideal” duh. It “keeps the metabolism firing.”

⁃ Skip all my workouts: why workout when I have a real job?

⁃ Avoid the sun at all costs. It is the leading cause of skin cancer. So there is no reason to be outside honestly.

⁃ Make sure I eat LOW cholesterol and very little saturated fats. But plenty of grains- that will certainly help.

Stay hard my friends.


Without getting overly opinionated just take a look around: many men and boys do not have the drive, motivation, and strong will that you historically read about males. This MAY be because declining testosterone levels and increased estrogen levels. But maybe it’s not. Who knows? It could also be because pregnenolone and progesterone levels are too low… but I’m not a doctor so you could probably ask them 😉


Speaking from experiences of others:


A common “prescription” to low T is Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate. In the sports world these are known as ANABOLIC STEROIDS but in the American world you can pay $20-30 once per week or every other week and have the testosterone of an 18 year old… that sounds great until you look at the big picture.

Many physicians and TRT clinics will prescribe clomid or other selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMS) instead of testosterone to achieve this same desired effect (boosting testosterone) through medicine… you can google the side effects of clomid and other SERMS yourself… and the cost.

Always keep in mind this is not medical advice and I’m no expert but what the hell do you expect to happen when your :

Pregenolone is low or high

Progesterone is low or high

Estrogen is too low or high

Sex hormone- binding globulin is low or high

Your prostate levels are high

And then you stack hormones on top of this? Paint your own picture it’s not rocket science.

Rather than taking meds or shots to raise testosterone or avoiding both to have one of the leading causes of depression (hormone imbalances) maybe you COULD TRY something FREE… optimize your OTHER hormones which will in turn raise your testosterone without other side effects that can accompany the drugs.



I have seen males increase their testosterone levels by over 200 (many over 300) in 12 weeks by doing intermittent fasting ALONE – no diet changes…. just the restricted eating windows. I also know some males over 40 in the gym with Test levels over 600 and they are not on drugs and they are lean and vascular.

It’s funny that now days it’s so rare that someone has optimal hormone levels that anyone who does almost appears to be on “steroids.”

In my experiences I’ve noticed 8 hour eating windows for males over 21 and 4-6 hour eating windows for males 35+ works magic for hormone panels.

But as always: don’t take this as medical advice and always do some research or find a GOOD physician who can guide you in the right direction. I guess I shouldn’t say right direction that could come off “bad” and sensitive sally might get upset. So uh they can guide you in what I believe to be the healthier direction ?

Intermittent fasting is free… by the way.

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