The Eminem Reference

Let me clear the air… I was not really comparing myself to Eminem… although, we are both strikingly handsome… my statement referring to feeling like Eminem was in reference to the lyrics he “has spit” in his tracks. When I hear his frustration about life I can put myself in his shoes (not the 8 mile shoes, I’m from Katy Tx…) I’m referring to his social points.

I keep getting made fun of for the Eminem comment via text and such… which is cool and well deserved, but I want the message to be delivered “properly” based on how I feel.

Just in case you have no idea what I’m taking about take a listen to some old school Eminem… stay diversified friends.

And my final note..

The people involved do not matter…. at all… What matters is it poured jet fuel on my flames and I’m flying with it like an eagle. Slim Thug intro’d Joel Osteen on a song that started with something about eagles soaring together…. but don’t quote me on it. Maybe we can all learn something from listening to that Slim Thug song.. there might be explicits, just like Eminem… so just listen to their thoughts once you erase the “bad words” that slipped their mouths and try to hear the message they are trying to make public.

After action report:

At the end of the day. I love the haters. All these rap songs are starting to make sense… I’ve never really understood rap until I came out of the social media closet and started my journey for ketosis…. weirdest thing ever, honestly.

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