Thirsty thoughts…”Bait”

Bait your children into eating real foods for the first time by presenting them with another healthy reward food that they already enjoy.

For example, Lennon likes roasted macadamia nuts… if she’s asking for them that presents a great time to feed her something she has yet to try or usually will not eat because it typically takes her a few times of trying a new fruit , vegetable, or nut to acquire the taste.

This isn’t child abuse believe it or not. You are slowly getting them aquatinted to healthy food options when they get older. If it’s considered abuse to deprive them of chemically enhanced food then it’s without a doubt child abuse to feed them chemically enhanced “food product” … pick your poison. I’ll “force” her to wait until she’s actually hungry enough to eat real food instead of allowing her to “boss me” into giving her sugary GARBAGE that I 100% know will create adverse long term problems.

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