This is MY Confession (but I’m not an Usher)

My Airplane Thoughts…followed By the confession…

1st thought as I begin to write in my notes… wow how much time did I waste traveling on an airplane and only listening to music or reading a book when I could have listened to music and shared with people what I have learned… sharing is caring I suppose.

Fast food junkie

I have a confession to make. No, I’m not catholic, but I do feel like confessing my sins relieves a lot off the ole shoulders & hips. When my shoulders and hips are loose my back tends to feel really nice as well. Anyways, what I’m here to confess is that I used to love fast food. It was so fast, cheap, salty, it melted in my mouth, and when I was drinking it was basically the most amazing 2AM life decision I ever made 237 times. Yep, my first job was Cicis Pizza… pizza is still my favorite “cheat meal”… cicis Alfredo pizza & no label sittin sidehaze beer will most likely be in my heaven… my second job was Burger King… all my boys would be happy when I brought home a massive bag of “returned food product” for all of their artery clogging pleasures… you know what, after I got sick of that place I got a job at toys R us for some time, every lunch break was ‘legit’ cause I got to walk over to Long John silvers for some fish product and hush my brain puppies deep fried for my “cellular toxification” (now days I’m trying to regularly “detox” because of my young toxifying stage..) trying to balance out the bad with some good you know?… Tim McGraw knows.. in my next 30 years I have a lot to improve upon my first 30. You see, when my elders tell me “ you just wait until you’re my age…” it just motivates me even more to be 60+ feeling better than when I was 20. Keep laughing… I still don’t feel PERFECT, but I feel 10,000x better NOW at 31 then I did when I was 3-16 having ASTHMA attacks (that’s right, I was once a sub par collegiate distance runner, and asthma “survivor”).

Let me just ramble along here about that… I was in my freshman year running the mile at Taylor high school, it was the first meet of the year and I knew I was going to win the mile, NOPE.. asthma attack lap 3 and sent to the E.R. I remember crystal clear the car ride with my mom holding me and thinking to myself I was “literally” going to die… well I’m still standing. Actually I made a comeback and ended up winning the district mile my senior year (yeah I’m bragging, I earned it and I’m proud to this day, sue me) .. “Miraculously” (of course its a miracle my asthma disappeared… no way food could make asthma happen nor disappear) when I eat GARBAGE I have allergies, sinuses, body odor, brain fog, trouble sleeping, clogged nostrils, stomach discomfort, achy joints, watery eyes,… the list goes on forever. When I poison myself I feel like I’ve been poisoned and I feel sick. When I eat clean I feel amazing… seems crazy right? Food can be poison to me and food can be medicine to me. Wow.

Got off track… in college I got a job at McDonald’s… yep. I ate it too. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you either, that would be a waste of both of our time(s).. I continued to eat the fast food stuff until… drumrolllllllllll 2017… wait.. last year? Yeah. Wow. I’m turning pink right now. But this confession feels so good, wow. What a relief. Everyone reading this can now stop thinking I’m a boring robot that never had a chance to live my life to the FULLEST ( literally, so full I could puke at times) yeah, I always knew fast food wasn’t the healthiest option but in my young, weak, ignorant mind I was “outworking a bad diet”. I didn’t care if I was eating bad here and there because I knew I would workout and still have my abs (yep, I care about my looks, judge me for it please)…

People would always say it’s “luck” that I would eat whatever I wanted and not get “fat”. Well, yeah I guess I was lucky to be involved in high intensity activities from birth… I always wanted to be active and outside so my food addictions never hit me like they did others.

****Hindsight 20/20 I am BLESSED beyond belief that I never ended up with a chronic or terminal illness! Looking good on the outside (yep I did it again, I know when I looked my “best/peak/prime” I was not my healthiest) I was so ignorant to true health, I had no clue.

Let me just paint the picture to you.. two of my favorite foods have always been bananas and avocados… at 21 years old I became what I thought was ALLERGIC to both… 5 or so years later I learned I was INTOLERANT to avocado and banana.. no, a doctor did not tell me this, I figured it out by googling.. amazing. I dug and dug until I discovered that I was intolerant to a protein that was in both foods… (which apparently is in kiwi and mangos as well) yeah my mango breakout was the last time I ever went to a doctor. I didn’t (and still do not) have health insurance, I ate a mango and thought I was going to die, this was 2016. I wasn’t going to goto the heb clinic and waste $100 out of pocket but everyone at the gym forced me. Peer pressure is a bitch sometimes. Pardon my English. Peer pressure really can be a female dog, I’m telling you. Jokes aside, that was rock bottom for me… I’ve been a coach to “literally ? “ thousands of people in my short life yet I can’t even eat a mango without going to the ER. I have had athletes foot on and off since Jr high (candida/yeast) problem that I thought was “normal” since our system sucks and we think allergies, sinuses, the flu, colds, stomach issues, blah blah are “normal” things… let me just tell you if nobody else has… NONE OF THIS SHIT IS SUPPOSED TO BE NORMAL. If you think it’s impossible to go through life without feeling sick, without having a chronic illness, blood pressure, brain fog etc… whatever if you think we weren’t created to feel good 99.9% of the time then you are a FOOL. I can say that cause I was an ignorant fool myself. I still am.. so if you call people what they are then that’s okay as long as you are that same thing yourself… right? I’m pasty white so I can make fun of white people… but if they are tan then that’s crossing the line.

Anyways, when I’m 60… if I haven’t been assassinated by the FDA or a disgruntled doctor by then … then I’m going to do a 400lb deadlift followed by a ring muscle up and flick off the 3D virtual time warped 2050 camera laughing… I mean, I feel 30,000 times better than when I was 21 years old working at McDonald’s being “allergic” to two of my favorite foods…

Oh wait… forgot to tell you.. I eat 2-3 avocados every single day I live now.. it’s A MIRACLE!!! I am so “LUCKY”!!! It couldn’t be because I learned to fix my GUT HEALTH from my mom, or my CELLULAR HEALTH, or quite possibly all the years I have spent fixing my systematic INFLAMMATION!!! I mean… how could eliminating added sugars, man-altered grains, shitty starches (sorrry the S’s just sounded so good of the fingers, and yes I’m a Christian just cause I cuss occasionally, I use words to express how I feel… if the readers didn’t read the “bad word” then they might not understand ME.) Marines cuss, most drink, and well.. get over it or read someone else’s blog…

Let’s see here.. where was I? I’m killing time on an airplane so I apologize if you are pressed for time, save this and come back when you can finish… ?

So up until 2016 I basically LIVED Cheat meal to cheat meal… I’m not joking. I had 2-3 cheat meals per week and I lived them to the absolute fullest… LITERALLY (again) I honestly don’t even know what literally means anymore, it’s just so fun to say it since everyone else does… but yeah I would eat like 10 chili cheese dogs from James Coney Island or have a pizza eating contest at cicis every Wednesday night with my crew, or even eat 3 entrees plus dessert from Black Walnut… didn’t matter, I could out-eat even the best of the cheater-eaters. I even thought that eating Chic Fila every morning was okay as long as I got the grilled chicken on the whole wheat bagel… I would never preach what I don’t practice so of course I preached to my athletes that this was okay. I want to cry at how embarrassed I am at this. Yeah, I realize nobody will die from caged grilled chicken heavily smothered in chemicals “preservatives” and deep fried in “100% peanut oil” right away… someone could possibly eat this everyday for 60 years and not die, that’s fantastic, but they would never know what it’s like to feel their best… or come as close to their peak as possible… I can almost guarantee that, I can’t guarantee anything cause as soon as I do there are lawyers involved. Sissies.

Well… when I was in my “prime” (fitness wise) I was getting body work 3-4 times per week. I would get massaged 2x per week, chiropractic adjustments up to 3x weekly with active release, Graston, cupping, acupuncture, the list goes on, i tried it all! I thought I was just working out like Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa and so that’s the price I had to pay! No pain no gain, so I was gaining “BRO”! NOTTTT… (borat)

All I was increasing was my likelihood for a chronic illness … beautiful (in my eyes) on the outside, but only God knows what on the inside… the banana and avocado intolerance was my warning sign. You see.. now that I discovered banana and avocado were NEVER the problem (Devil) they were intolerances because I didn’t have the proper enzymes to digest them… quite possibly (but not scientifically proven) that I did not have these enzymes because i took antibiotics for 2 years in high school to “heal my acne” wow my dermatologist was such a badass he convinced my parents that I should take an antibiotic for TWO EFFING YEARS to help my acne??? WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F*** ??? Does this dude still have his license ? Probably.. if I were a gambling man I would bet at least 30% of my income (which isn’t very much money since I spend it all on macadamia nuts) that this ignorant FOOL is still “unknowingly” ruining people’s lives while he lives in a mansion.. I wouldn’t doubt it if I raked his leaves for a $5 tip when I was desperate… I prob washed his $60,000 car for a $5 tip in my dreams as well… whatever, I’m not mad, this is nothing compared to the ass hole who prescribed me ACCUTANE for 1 year in high school after the anti-biotics didn’t work at killing my acne (just my poor young gut)…

Let me ramble about my high school experience with accutane real quick… well this won’t be quick so if you need to go then come back later I have a lot more to confess…

While I was on accutane I had to get monthly blood work. Lmao wow … why would a 16 year old need monthly blood work ? Well.. because accutane is about as healthy as a thick line of pixie dust straight to the dome. Think I’m kidding? Let’s compare life expectancy of a human who snorts a line of cocaine every day compared to one who takes accutane every day …. yeah I accomplished amazing things on accutane while it dried my skin out so bad I had to carry chapstick on me for like the next 7 years ( not joking)… I had regular nose bleeds in class, my algebra 2 teacher asked me if I was on drugs… I don’t blame him I was a 160 lb distance runner with veins bulging out of my arms with perpetual nose bleeds… thanks DOC. I’m sure my liver was good…

The plane is about to land… so my final thought is this… it’s amazing that the accutane, anti biotics, and $1000s of dollars my parents spent on acne wash systems never fixed THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM and these ass holes made more money than I would ever ask for being bullshitters… it’s amazing my inhaler never fixed THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM they call asthma, my “allergy medicine” never fixed the ROOT of the problem causing histamine release…. the shoulder shrug the doctor gave me on my last doctors appointment saying “I guess you’re allergic to mangos” and suggesting I get an EPIpen… first class advice.. classy and genius.

I can breath out both my nostrils!

I have no asthma!

I stayed in an AIRBNB in Oregon with 3 cats and no allergic reaction, last month! Oh… I went to the hospital multiple times due to “cat allergies” or were they “intolerances”?

I am sober/Clean/ recovered of fast food.. fast food is for sissies.

I don’t have to warm up for workouts now.. my body feels so good I am “always warm”. Ask my Chiro… I haven’t had to see her in over a year. But getting older sucks, just wait!

My acne disappeared at 30 years old… the same year I began stuffing my face with avocados again. Or the same year I fixed my gut and cut 99% of poorly processed foods from my life…

I feel better now than I did when I was 10. I was just 20,006 times more ignorant then than I am now. Give me 10 more years… I’m going to laugh at how stupid I am today.

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