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Of all things I’ve said… I could imagine this one getting some people “rather perturbed.” If you’re thin-thative then please stop here. If you feel your blood pressure boiling then please read until the end, stop, breath and realize I’m actually trying to bring awareness to issues that could potentially help the overall health of our community, and perhaps if people get pissed enough to make some changes then that’s a win in my mind. Even if they hate me…

“On average, American adults are watching five hours and four minutes of television per day.” -New York Times

Houston we have a problem here…

On average (these are my approximate averages based on excuses said directly to my face, not clinical studied averages or data….) 4 of 5 will use the excuse of “not having enough time” to workout at the gym, “not having enough time” to goto the grocery store regularly, “not having enough time” to cook for myself or my family, and the list goes on and on of “not having enough time.”

Side note on time: if the excuse is not time, then it’s usually money. If the AVERAGE is spending hours watching tv per day even at minimum wage that’s like $1,120 per month that could have been earned working MINIMUM wage instead of watching TV… so if we don’t have time and we don’t have money then I’m getting the vibe we’re all full of what some call “excuses.” When I was in junior high I had a shirt from Nike that read… “Excuses are for losers.” Now before anyone thinks I’m calling them a loser, I’m not… but I assume (or hope) at least the majority of business owners in the health and fitness industry want their community to be winners, not losers. When I say winners I’m not talking about winning the crossfit games, I’m talking about beating chronic illness, beating big pharma, beating depression etc.. wining at life and not suffering through it.

Lets just pretend for a second this data is 100% make believe and the average adult only watches 4 hours per day instead of 5… no wait let’s pretend it’s only 3 hours…

All this data shows is the AVERAGE adult is just making excuses and prioritizing TV 📺 “the tube” over other “things.” And that’s perfectly fine, if you feel like I’m speaking to you and offended then just realize that I am not speaking to anyone directly, I’m speaking how I feel about the decline in health in our country and truthfully trying to understand HOW we can fix this and WHAT we can do… it’s moments like this where I feel helpless because there’s no way that I can convince people health and longevity is more valuable that Netflix or “insert show of choice” once they decide that’s more important to them than a healthier lifestyle choice.

And I get it… it’s one of 50,000 daily issues that leads to this trap. The tv alone is not killing us. But at anymore than 1 hour a day it’s for sure contributing to the cause.

If TV time creates an excuse for lack of time to exercise, lack of time to cook real foods, lack of time to interact with other humans, and whatever else… then that time spent is damaging and toxic to our cells rather than time that could be spent healing.

I imagine my alter lifestyle going like this… and before you read my imaginary alter lifestyle please know that I’m not judging anyone’s lifestyle, I’m just imagining one that would bring back all my allergies, asthma, inflammation, and all… and know that I truly believe the word, no matter what…

Whatever we decide to eat is acceptable to God as long as we thank Him for providing it (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

*My Alter Lifestyle That I Wish Could Be Healthy *

I just had a long hard sedentary day, stuffing my face with donuts, drinking artificially sweetened coffee flavored drinks from buckstars etc, screaming in my head about the people I hate to work for, running off 4 hours of sleep cause I watched TV while I was drinking Bud Light for 5 hours last night, and I sat in the car in traffic for a few hours today as well listening to all the toxic news on my radio… yeah I prob wouldn’t want to workout or cook dinner when I got home either cause I’m tired and have no nutrients to fuel myself….. luckily when I lived this type of stressful lifestyle I was still forced to workout in the military and fell in love with fitness. I didn’t have energy so I took extreme amounts of pre workout and stimulants to get the job done… I GOT LUCKY. REALLY LUCKY.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I wouldn’t love to wake up, drink Starbucks tastiest “coffee drink” loaded with flavor enhancements for my brain’s pleasure… drive to Shipley’s for glazed donuts and kolaches to carb load for my workout…. skip my morning workout cause I don’t need to workout to be healthy to meet my friends at McDonalds happy hour for double quarter pounders with cheese, take my daughter to chuckle cheesers so I can see her happy eating healthy options from the pizza bar, then go grab sno cones, head to the movies where we could enjoy a popcorn with extra vegetable oil spread on top with a large coka drank, then maybe end the day with a few more hours of tv while she plays games on her iPad…

yeah, I’m positive my daughter would have a blast that day, I’m also positive she would be acting like a wild Indian and I would have to live with the guilt of watching her eyes get puffy, her cheeks retaining water, her allergies flaring up and she most likely wouldn’t want to do anything active outside with me, which would be fine because I would be in a processed food coma so I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else anyways… and I’m 99% positive we would both end up with chronic diseases If that was a common day in our lives.

That’s a mythical life to live and still expect any type of health and longevity. If I could live that life, feel great, and be healthy then yeah I would be all about it… but this is REALITY.

That’s how I lived many of my younger years… wake up, play video games, eat all kinds of “food”, party, run or do a workout, stay up late, then rinse and repeat… I think the only reason I wasn’t obese was because how much I was working out and the only thing that kept me from getting a chronic disease was that I finally woke up and took 50 steps back to examine how I TRULY felt inside and out. I am definitely blessed… or “lucky.”

I currently only workout 1 hour per day and spend about 2 hours per day preparing food, shopping, and cleaning dishes over and over since I’m not eating out this year… that’s a strange shift from 2-3 hours of working out daily and only preparing food a few days per week thinking I was living healthy since I worked out so much…. yeah it’s been an interesting process and EXTREMELY frustrating at times. But I’ve learned how to be very creative and I’ve acquired tastes for foods that I never dreamed of enjoying. If this average of 5 hours per day of TV is correct the time I spend preparing foods and working out still leaves me with two solid hours to watch TV every single day! But instead I post pictures and rant my feelings on social media (pick your poison…)

But wait just a second…. what if their numbers are incorrect in the opposite direction and the average adult spends 6,7, or maybe even 8 hours per day watching tv?

Even deeper… this is JUST TELEVISION!!! How many hours are spent on the cell phone? I’m about to have an anxiety attack… time to put the computer away.




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