Triple Threat- How I Plan to Handle My Future Chronic Illness

I guess I’m hot right now… or heated up.. maybe I’m just “AWAKE”. They say the millennials are asleep… so I’m trying to steer clear of the trap & be wide eyed & cleary eyed. “I’m in the zone…show me my opponent.”

But as I was thinking about how I would handle a chronic illness (since that’s all I can think about in my free time these days… and it’s plan for the best but prepare for the worst right? ) …. SO if it happens to happen (since it’s highly likely considering how large this list of life choices that I’m trying to recover from…

-vaccines I received in the military

– remembering how many endless hours of burn pits we inhaled in Afghanistan

-thousands of grams of accumulated trans fats I stuffed down my throat in MREs

-the amount of trash food I consumed from working at 3 different fast food restaurants in high school and college (cicis, Burger King, McDonald’s…) oh em gee

– the endless and embarrassing amounts of synthetic stimulants in pre workouts which also include large amounts of artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, colors, and who truly knows what other crap was infused in these supps from the time I was 15 years old until a few years ago…? I want to slap myself right now.

– parties…

-4,000 Calorie cheat BI-weekly cheat meals for at least 10 years…

well anyways, those are just a few of the reasons I would not be shocked if I grew something like a unicorn horn out of my armpit…. so I thought these thoughts….

If I had a chronic illness I would find a doctor who’s had a loved one with the same illness. You know they are smart and extremely educated (we just hope the education they received wasn’t manipulated by our FDA or big pharma, or big sugar, or big whoever else there is cause there are a bunch of rich, evil, master manipulators who put their deep pockets over any of us pee-ons.

Yeah, I mean I wish I could shake hands with someone who pays money to advertise and fund studies that are completely misleading and full of horse manure, aiding in the assistance of keeping so many people sick… but what would happen is I would end up in jail or used on a shame poster or meme for using some type of impolitically correct verbiage which would then probably escalate into me slapping a fish… I then imagine myself in prison and they have enough money to get me shanked in my sleep…. creepy.

ooops I lost my train of thought…

SO I find this doctor who’s poured their heart and soul into figuring out how to heal the same specific problem that I develop…when they are passionate about something they will certainly try to figure out the problem. You know they are smarter than to prescribe their loved ones a bunch of pills to mask their symptoms when they know damn well the root of the problem won’t be fixed! (Or that’s my theory on it anyways…)

Note to self: Find a passionate doctor who is passionate about healing you not managing your symptoms.

^note could be to you also… I just figured it was against the law for me to tell you to do anything since I don’t have a P.H.D. so I’ll try to continue to always tell myself things or what I would

And last but not least… maybe the most….

If the only doctor who could heal me lived in another state or across the world, I would save my vacation money, fly to meet them, and pay them to educate me. This is MY livelihood on the line here…



Over & out.

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