UP, Down, and All Around

I’m not planning for retirement at 31 because I want to be living actively over 100 yrs and climbing mountains… I’ll plan for retirement when I’m 60 maybe 70… If I start planning for retirement now I’ll be dead by the time I’m 60 because I don’t make enough money to make healthy lifestyle choices AND save money (and that’s just the facts of my life).

I’m not going to tell anyone what the best investment they can make is… cause I suck with finances (like awful- the worst) I mean I drive my little sisters old Saturn Vue from when they were in high school… LOL but I eat my veggies.

Oh I’m investing in my body! If there is a spare penny to spend it’s going to be on my “testing series”

It’s taken me years to talk myself into this investment but I came to the realization if I knew I needed to change my oil every 5,000 miles but I skipped the oil change multiple times, then acted surprised when my car broke down, that’s how I would feel if I did not invest in this modern testing and 10 years from now found out I had something I could have possibly reversed NOW. Merrrrr ya seeee?


I started with Mediator Release Testing

(which I explain why-way below)

I chose to do this testing through


I chose this dietitian after months of digging around the Houston Area for someone I trust. I have seen what she has to offer to several of my friends with their paperwork and I am anxious to get the results back!


That’s the nutrient test I want to have done for vitamins/minerals. After their test, they will consult with me free of charge to help me plan based on the results. I love their podcast and so I can’t wait to meet them.


That’s the full health panel I want to have done. It’s about as in depth In testing as you can have done on your body so I really want to have this done to see if I have any obvious poor health indicators I should focus on. The downside to this is once you have all the amazing tests done you have to find a really good doctor who can actually tell you what it all means.

-STOOL TESTING: I want to know what’s going on inside my guts so I can properly balance based on science rather than the guess & check method I’ve been using.


^ I’ve been wanting to do this one for years now to check genetic health risks and several other cool “things.”

As soon as I have those results I’ll buy


Which I find to be a knee slapper cause you get 23 and me results then get third party advanced readings from 23 and you, oh what fun this will be!

That’s my start list… who knows what rabbit hole this will lead to??? I can’t imagine being 70 and being disappointed that I didn’t have a couple thousand dollars that I “wasted” on my health when I was 31… if that ends up being the case then I know I really messed something up between 32 and 69 years of age and I’ll leave it at that.

Why I’m having a series of testing done, why I believe everyone should have testing done, and why I believe we need more labs available for testing and insurance helping manage the costs of these tests instead of doing whatever health insurance does… I’m ignorant to that sector honestly, I have no idea…. all I know in my head are two things. Hopefully someone can broaden my mind on this subject over coffee one day.

1.) health insurance is expensive.

2.) the only time I ever need to actually see a doctor is to have blood work done for my own health knowledge and I STILL HAVE TO PAY FULL PRICE FOR THE TESTING!

So… if I haven’t been to the Dr. for being “sick” in like a decade basically but I’m going to be paying $200-$1000 out of pocket for EACH blood panel, microbiome stool testing, and DNA tests that will actually help me reach my peak wellness and keep me HEALTHY then why wouldn’t insurance want to pitch in this to help me reach my peak? I don’t know why… but I’ll keep paying out of pocket cause we are so far advanced now it’s not even funny.

We can tell SO MUCH info from tests that every kid entering Elementary, jr high, then high school could have a stool test or blood panel done to help them identify obvious risk factors for chronic illnesses when they are young so the SCHOOL DIETITIANS could meet with the family to give action plans. Oh wait, I was day dreaming, we are so far away from that happening (that’s part of my vision though).

Every kid should have testing done every 3-5 years rather than a yearly flu shot and a series of vaccines. IF YOUR BODY IS HEALTHY YOU WILL NOT GET THE FREAKIN FLU.


If I got a cold or the flu this year…. I haven’t had a cold/ flu, or sinus infection since I can remember.. I used to think they were a seasonal thing… like oh hey the weather changed I guess I’ll get a cold soon. Oh hey don’t go outside without a jacket it’s cold I’ll get the flu. Oh hey that dude is sick so I don’t want to shake his hand cause then I’ll get sick… OH EM GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE slap me please. Now when someone comes in the gym sick I shake their hand on purpose to test my immune system FOR FREE and make sure it’s fighting hard. It’s fighting hard cause I am undefeated since starting this test approx 2 years ago…

With as much info as we have on biome, gut health, inflammation responses to foods, nutrient deficiency testing, DNA, hormone panels, in depth cholesterol testing, (the list goes onnnnnnn foreverrrrrrrr) there is SO MUCH TESTING TO BE DONE!!! With this much knowledge WE SHOULD ALMOST BE INVINCIBLE until death do us part! But we are not… we get sick a lot… and unfortunately a lot of us are living a life of preventable disease. Paying thousands monthly on medications. I fell into a deep hole of depression when I came to this realization and almost threw in the towel for multiple reasons…

Here are the reasons I almost quit…

1.) I actually hate social media. I have to use it as a tool to reach as many people as I can to share knowledge. It’s a very effective tool, ask our President.

2.) I share as much as I can. I try to find real life facts and ONLY post what has worked FOR ME and others that I know personally. But when with this happens, (since I’ve been told I’m on the opposite end of the “spectrum”) many negative vibes come my way.

Yeah, I try to play it cool… but it’s hard trying to convince people to make changes. Change is hard.

3.) I love ATTEMPTING to be as healthy as possibly and experimenting with “bio & life hacks” but trying to spread awareness has been a whole new world- a dazzling place I never knew (and its hard).

It’s hard to convince people what they learned in school in some areas of health and wellness are completely incorrect and have been proven wrong. And this is different for EVERY GENERATION.

Ages( give or take)

70+ I’ve noticed have a whole different thought process on food because they didn’t have to worry about 1 billionth of the chemicals and crap we have to worry about now. On top of that, if you’re

50+ you CANT EAT LIKE YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER DID and expect to have the same life expectancies because FOOD IS DIFFERENT NOW!!! Generation after generation of cellular health decline is proving more and more that if we do not reverse the negative lifestyle habits of our parents, grand parents, great grandparents etc that the NEGATIVE conditions are going to be worse and worse… plus they didn’t have all the damaging cellular crap we have to play with now.

Don’t believe me? It was once common people would live to 85+ years while smoking cigarettes etc. in my opinion that’s because they still had real food with nutrients in their bodies to help heal the damaging effects of the cigarettes… but then they has children and passed along some damaged cells to them, time went on and food became less nutrient dense, not as fresh, and they smoked cigarettes as well. The problem here is those children do not have the same nutrients as their parents did, their cells are weaker, and the facts show they are most likely not going to live as long as their parents if continuing to live the same lifestyle habits: in this case it was smoking cigarettes. But this IS PROCESSED FOODS. Processed foods are the new cigarettes. We know they are EFFING HORRIBLE FOR US yet we eat them and feed them to our children because they are cheap and addictive. If cigarettes were cheap and easy would you feed them to yourself or your children ?

Yeah, I compared processed foods to cigarettes.

Yeah, someone is going to say I’m “shaming them” for giving their children processed foods. That’s incorrect. Lord knows I’ve had my share of processed foods and I’ve given my daughter processed foods twice but when you look at the facts :

CHRONIC DISEASE FROM CHEMICALLY ENHANCED FOODS IS COMPARABLE TO CIGARETTES ON EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL. Except they don’t make you smell right? Wrong again, fake food does make us smell that’s why chemical deodorants are a household “necessity.” Funny how if I go a few weeks without a single fake food or drink item I don’t need deodorant and I still smell like Flowers? Hmmm interesting. When I drink on the weekends and eat a pizza then hell yeah I need my deodorant the next day, my sewage system is on fire at that point! (Which is why we don’t block the release of the system with anti-perspirants). I used to get swollen glands or lymph nodes under my armpits that “magically” went away when I stopped using Anti perspirants and chemical fragrance sticks under my arms.

Ummmm where was I

So the ole saying “well my grandma did this or ate that and lived to 90” isn’t a valid excuse anymore.

An estimated 50 million Americans have Auto-Immune… that’s astonishing to me. That’s about 1 in 6 or 1 in 7 Americans. With the growing rate of disease the history books are going to look at the 1990s until from what some “experts” are saying is around 2040 (about 50 years) and I’m going to label this era as CHRONICALLY LOST AMERICA.

If you don’t want to do the research that’s understandable, it’s DEPRESSING INFORMATION. It’s honestly hard for me to do more than 2-3 hours of deep digging daily on health because I get so overwhelmed with true facts that I have mini panic attacks thinking of friends, family, and the future of our world (this may seem pathetic to many people… but I’m extremely passionate about people’s health and well-being and we need help)!

I hit rock bottom, went to church, got back on my mission, and now I’m ready to go. I don’t care how depressing the facts are, I refuse to live in denial or “oblivion”, and I’m not going to quit sharing what I know and the lifestyle switches I chose to make because I know they can help at least one person. I will continue to try and get people on “the other end of the spectrum” – these are others words NOT MINE to see my point of view and take BABY STEPS to increase quality of live.

Wow… that got way off course. I was going to post why I chose the MRT over the ALCAT 😂


ALCAT measures this response in your blood by measuring the changes in the size of white blood cells as they pass through an aperture (an opening).

Without an overwhelming load of information I will say this… the Backstreet Boys called and they want their test results back… (that was a joke.. like the B.B. were cool when the test was the best of class circa 1990 ish- I’ve seen several live humans test results with handouts from Dr. etc. and I was never impressed enough to fork over several Benjamin’s to have this done… so I did some more research and BOOM 💥…

THERE IS A TON OF ROOM FOR ERROR in the ALCAT. That’s why I have never spent the money and I’ve just experimented on my own with trial and error, fasts, and elimination protocols, up to this point!

(IgG testing)- I was never interested in this testing. Studies have also shown that the presence of IgG is not necessarily a good indicator of being sensitive to whatever food/chemical your blood is being tested against. So… no thanks doc, what else ya got?


The technology is more sophisticated, it’s able to show you the amount of inflammation (caused by the chemical weapon release) that your body experiences in the presence of the foods and chemicals being tested. This is something that ALCAT can’t do because of the limits of their outdated technology. It supposedly tests each reaction over 1 million times lol that seems nuts, and I like nuts.

At the end of the day, I’m an extremist I guess, but I’m still trying to fix many poor lifestyle choices on a regular basis, there are so many areas to work on but I enjoy the process and rather than freaking out that I’m drinking out of too many plastic bottles I try to find ways to drink clean water out of cleaner sources, one step at a time I’m making the best options I can think of and I’m doing what I can afford as an investment. I’m not planning for retirement at 31 because I want to live over 100 yrs and climbing mountains… I’ll plan for retirement when I’m 60 maybe 70… If I start planning for retirement now I’ll be dead by the time I’m 60 because I don’t make enough money to make healthy lifestyle choices and save money (and that’s just the facts of my life).

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