Upgrade You

CHALLENGE: replace ONE “thing” every week with ONE “possibly better thing” #babysteps … simple one: replace peanuts with real superfoods like macadamia nuts, barukas, pistachios, or pecans… other possible options could include (but not limited to) switching deodorants from popular “leading brands” to @onnit deodorant or something found commonly in stores like Tom’s deodorant. Toms is not perfect but it’s better than most.

You could quit drinking dirty tap water and switch to purified water and add trace minerals or a little pink Himalayan salt for added nutrients… you could cut the TV off 30 minutes early and go for a 30 minute walk with family, friends, or animals, or alone… maybe listen to your favorite music or podcast? I don’t know, I’m no expert BUT maybe after 52 weeks of making “healthier choices” you will feel better than you do today… 52 weeks x5 years 260 weeks from now you will probably wonder who you even were today… or maybe that’s just me?

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