Vacation Hangover

I tried to intermittent fast today like I would jump right back into my routine after over indulging on beer and uncommon food products… I normally could go 16-18 hours no problem. Today by 9:00AM I was shaking and hangry. This was only 11 hours after my last meal and I was not willing to fight the battle all day so I pushed it one more hour and will go 14-16 tomorrow.

I feel so horrible in fact that my future vacations I will continue to live my normal lifestyle to truly enjoy the vacation… eating a bunch of junk food and cheap beer is not worth it to me to feel like crap for the entire duration of vacation plus a whole week afterwords… I can drink higher tier alcohol like gin, wine, or No Label Beer if I decide to drink as opposed to Bud Light. I truly don’t enjoy junk food comas anymore and the morning hangover effect from wheat and sugar overload.

Too many useless carbs on vacation reconditioned me to a weaker version of myself and I’m not proud. 🤪


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