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Ladies and gentlemen I present to you an aisle in the store I like to call “PANICK ATTACK.”

This shelf makes me want to throw up. I get chest pains thinking about how much $$$ is spent here and how many people are being poisoned by something they believe is helping them…

“A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” -Mary

What a great message to send to the world. Sugar and medicine. Two of the worlds most bestest creations.

I would compare our bodies trying to fight disease without proper nutrients to an army fighting with swords in 2018. Sure, many years ago or whatever you could win a sword fight. It’s 2018 now, you bring a sword to war your ass is grass. Trying to live an all around healthy lifestyle in 2018 without supplementing “anything” into your diet is like…. it’s hard- some people can do it but that’s like .0001% of population we are talking here.

Okay, I get the principle behind people saying we need to eat like our ancestors and they didn’t have vitamins back then yada yada well yeah we didn’t need bombs in war thousands of years ago either. NOW WE NEED BOMBS. We didn’t need vitamins back then cause all we had was REAL FOOD and the earth was clean, soil was fertile, animals were pure, and water was “on fleek.” NOW MOST PEOPLE NEED VITAMINS.

For those who do not like to read rambles the point of this message is to share my absolute first YAY OR NAY vitamin check.

Check your multivitamin…


Calcium carbonate as the calcium source.


Magnesium OXIDE as the mag source

Those are both NAYS. Both cheap. Both trash. And when you look at the research both are heavily manipulated by BIG VITAMIN companies… which you will then discover are mostly owned by the same friggin Jaba Wackis who won BIG SUGAR companies, BIG this, and BIG THAT.

New Chapter vitamins USED to be awesome. Then little company by the name of Procter & Gamble bought them out… the owners eventually threw in the towel due to “Profit pressure”

Who owns Centrum Vitamins?….

Yep.. Pfizer

Hilarious half the people taking these vitamins could later have to take another “vitamin” or drug called “medicine” manufactured by the same companies 😂


If there are food colorings or artificial flavors/ chemicals in your vitamin than Whiskey Tango Foxtrot BRO… if someone puts artificial crap in your vitamin imagine how the vitamins are made…. well don’t imagine, look it up.

CLIFF NOTES: Just like high quality real food I support high quality supplements/vitamins/minerals. I believe taking ZERO vitamins is a healthier option than taking cheap synthetic vitamins. I also believe it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible now days, to get ALL of our nutrients through whole food especially given our nutrient deprived soils, water, air, and house pollution, and overall food supply. You can be “all natural, all organic, all American” and still be ALL OUT OF WHACK with nutrients. So that’s why I love comprehensive blood panels no matter what “diet” I partake in.

I have read different stats but the low end says 80% of Americans have magnesium deficiencies while some even claim over 90%.

This is not surprising

Simple Vitamin quality checks

Before we continue please remember no vitamin compares to REAL FOOD, the should supplement where we are deficient, (which ideally would come from a vitamin/mineral nutrient deficiencies test and please consult your physician if you are on medications etc before adding vitamins because they could have different reactions) I do not take any medications so a lot of what works for me might not work for you.

BUT also before we continue please know that even some of the highest quality foods commercially available today have nowhere near the amount and quality of nutrients as they did “back In the day.” Before us crazy humans wreaked havoc on the land, water, and soil. That’s a fact, I checked, double checked, read a book (Deep Nutrition) , then laughed at google searches of liars…




But anyways…

QUICKEST way for me tell if a vitamin is TRASH and yes, if your vitamin fails this test it’s best in the trash not inside you….(in my opinion)

Calcium carbonate

Magnesium oxide.

THIS IS A LEADING BRAND? Lol this is garbage. Yellow 6 is in here.. what a powerful vitamin yellow 6 is 😂😂😂

Hydrogenated palm oil… why on God’s great earth would we need a trans fat in our leading multivitamin ?

Prenatal vitamins- are they colored ? It’s baffling to me how many pregnant ladies are scared to be around second hand smoke yet they will drink artificial and chemically enhanced foods without a problem… there are warning labels on many vitamins, supplements, and alcohol saying they could cause birth defects etc but let’s be honest… the ingredients listed in Cheetos, Doritos, and Fritos could all cause serious birth defects as well… Soft drinks loaded with chemicals and processed sugars should have a warning label on them for pregnant women. If you think this sounds “cuckoo” since apparently I’m on one end of the spectrum then think again… chemical additives, processed sugars, refined vegetable oils, and artificial flavors/sweeteners DO EFFECT unborn children just like smoking and drinking. MAYBE NOT AS SEVERE (keyword MAYBE) but where do you draw the line and decide okay this fake product needs a warning label but these fake products don’t…?

MAKE BELIEVE TEST: I would never wish this upon any child but this is just pretend.

Pregnant mother group 1:

smokes a pack a day for the entire pregnancy but consumes all needed nutrients from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and high quality mineral water.

Pregnant mother group 2:

Drinks 2-3 alcoholic beverages every night for the entire pregnancy but consumes all needed nutrients from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and high quality mineral water.

Pregnant mother group 3:

No smoking and no drinking allowed. But this group takes synthetic prenatal vitamins, eats processed foods lacking in vitamins and minerals, and tap water.

This is an impossible test due to many obvious reasons but if I were a gambling man I would bet my stack of chips on the babies from groups 1 and 2 being “healthier” at birth than group 3.

How is that my hypothesis? Because I’m a dumbass duh..

No, I believe that although the babies in the first two groups will be presented an overload of toxins, THEY WILL STILL HAVE THE NUTRIENTS TO FIGHT.

Group 3 will be presented with just as many (most likely more) chemicals and toxins as the first two groups but where will they get the nutrients to build strong cellular health…?

I’ll wait… I have nothing better to do with my time honestly.

Half of the prenatal vitamins just like most of the more commonly found multivitamins out there are GARBAGE. That’s $10-$50 that could and should be invested in real food.

I’m a huge believer in supplements. But they need to be high quality just like everything else we consume. Our soils are so poor now days that even our organic fruits and veggies do not have the amount of nutrients they SHOULD. On top of that, most of them are so UN-Fresh because of shipping and sitting in the stores that we lose even more nutrients.

It’s extremely rare that I suggest someone get a full comprehensive blood panel done and they end up not have a mineral deficiency of some kind… and when I say rare I mean I’ve never NOT seen someone come back without a deficiency somewhere.. I’m sure doctors who do this testing on a daily basis see it happen occasionally but ITS RARE.

Knowing this should be alarming because every chronic illness can be linked back to nutrient deficiencies.

So what’s a good vitamin ?

I trust Thorne Research.

What’s a good magnesium?

Well there are many forms and magnesium plays a role in over 300 body functions so I like to use different forms.

Before bed: magnesium citrate keeps me calm.

Best bang for your buck: magnesium Malate

Pre/post workout: magnesium glycinate keeps me sharp.

During the day: magnesium threonate is the bees knees in my opinion. It’s proven to cross the blood brain barrier & can help us detoxify from mercury and other toxic metals. This is a mental powerhouse. But this is also priced correctly.

What’s a good calcium?

Citrate and malate work and our bodies generally know what to do with these forms. But taking super high dosages of calcium like I’ve seen recommended is just asking for trouble. Or begging actually…

I would never buy a “calcium fortified food.” I feel like that’s begging for kidney stones.

If your doctor tells you to take Vitamin E. Don’t buy the cheap vitamin E. There are 4 types of E to make this “complete” cheap vitamins only use ONE out of the 4 so you end up with an imbalance which could be worse than not having any at all!

As you can see above ^ alpha, beta, delta, and gamma ( 4 varieties of vitamin E).

As you can see from the $5 vitamin E from GNC- ONE from (the cheapest, duh).

Below is a prenatal that looks so healthy! Marketing on point the kids would say. It even says organic and makes you feel cozy with a woman holding a baby. But wait…

Below is the ingredients… they use fancy words like “culture media” and add turmeric to LOOK COOL. 35 mg… okay, I take 500mg up to a gram or more per serving… what’s 35 mg going to help with?

The main ingredient from the “culture media” is SOY FLOUR… I would not feed this to my baby.

Some of my final rules to live by:

Never take Vitamin D without K.

So if you supplement D then make sure you get the K.

MANY DOCTORS FAIL TO SEE THIS CORRELATION. I SEE IT DAILY… in real life. Prescribe someone 5,000-10,000 IU of vitamin D but nothing to help the person properly use the vitamins.


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