Wanna Play a Game?

Don’t leave until you play my fun game at the end! (“Wanna play a game?” -JigSaw)

Flu shot:

My mind is open 99% of the time.

Then there’s the 1% of the time it’s just locked shut… I don’t know it’s just not open.

That’s the case with the flu shot…

I am no longer entertained by trying to convince people NOT to get the flu “vaccine” and NOT to give them to their children… listening to people’s logic behind the flu shot makes me feel like I’m stuck in a cold empty white room in my underwear and forced to watch Willy Wonka replay over and over and over. Eventually you have to lose your sanity. *(torture)*

So I want the opposite end of the spectrum from me ( those PRO flu shot) to try and convince me WHY IN THE WORLD I SHOULD GET A FLU SHOT. Or anyone for that matter. Especially a child.

If you can convince me to get the flu shot I’ll give you $1,000 AND I’ll eat the FREE Rite Aid Ice cream to help kickstart those toxins right passed my blood brain barrier 🧠.

I promise. I will pay the man his money- Teddy KGB.

You can call, text, email, “DM”, or if you really stand behind the flu shot comment down below. I’ll even meet for coffee.

3-2-1 Go.

Ready for the game?


If you just get the flu shot because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do or if you force your children to get them because you think it helps them somehow I just have some questions for you to ponder…

1.) Are you walking around life aimlessly like a lonesome sheep ready to be attacked by wolves? Yes or nah?

2.) Do you know why you are getting the flu shot? Si or No?

3.) If you answered YES to either 1 or 2 then move to question 4…. (like Goosebumps) if you answered NO to #2 then we should assume the answer to #1 was yes, so please advance to question #4.

4.) WHY?

5.) If your answer to #4 was I don’t know… please go back to questions 1 or 2 and try the game again.

Well it wasn’t a game… it was a trap! I’m also not trying to make anyone feel foolish, it was just for fun.

The point I’m trying to make is THINK and ask questions. I’m not a conspiracy theorist thinking the government is out to get us. I truly just believe (and see with my own two eyes) so many of our guidelines and a big ole bunch of our “expert advice” is just not correct and that is evident when you look at the decline of health in America. We need to do better.

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