If I sucked at being a coach and someone told the world I was the worst, I would be okay with that because that would be the person who would LOVE to explain to me why I am so awful… and I would make myself better.

For some reason… there are many “professionals” who claim to be “experts” who would sue me (from what I’ve been told by people smarter than me at law) for “defamation of character” if I was to publicly put them on blast via social media for exposing how bad “they suck” at their job yet they can say whatever they want about me giving advice to their clients when they’ve failed them for YEARS and that’s all perfectly acceptable “by law” because I don’t have a certificate of completion from an “education establishment”.

So no I’m lot a politician… you know the rest… I do actually give a 💩 about politics because politics effect all of us.

As a business owner I’m effected by politics (ironic how I own businesses but I have no business degree… hard knocked life ya heard). Back on the mean streets of Katy trying to spread health and wellness but people don’t want to listen cause I don’t have fancy degrees or “certificates” I mean hell it only took 2 days to get my crossfit level 1 certificate so I know nothing about fitness honestly doesn’t matter how much schooling I did or how many sports I’ve played, or my military background, or how many people I’ve worked with the last 5 years being in business who can testify… I mean I couldn’t possibly help someone that a doctor couldn’t help cause they are “smarter and more highly educated that I am”… had to throw that jab in there cause I just learned from a very smart doctor that anyone who claims to be smarter than you is a fool because we have the same number of brain cells… I don’t know if that’s true… but he’s smarter than me so I’ll believe him until I find out otherwise.

Peace, love, and health.


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