Week 1 post Mediator Release Testing

I received my Mediator Release Testing results and the 1st phase foods I can eat are significantly different than what I have been eating so it’s going to take a week of experimenting to figure this out! Some of the foods I consumed daily were highly inflammatory to my body and I found it very interesting how many things I had in common with my mom who has RA. I’ve always lived under the theory that if I live the exact same lifestyle as her I will find myself in a similar situation with auto immune, that’s why I’ve always taken her health and nutrition advice. When she told me she was negatively reactive to certain food additives, I would remove them because I figured I was reactive to them as well. When she switched from bleach, hand soaps, lotions, shampoo & conditioners, and other unnatural products because they cause her to “break out, itch, swell, and feel horrible” then I immediately made the switch with her. Why would I use and eat products that cause someone to react like that? Yeah, we may not react the same way but if the vast majority of auto immune sufferers react to things as simple as hand-soap or food colored drinks, or processed foods then what makes people think it’s acceptable and ethical to put these chemicals in our foods and products ?

Anyways, those were the “common sense applies” type of switches. It’s obvious to me artificial sweeteners, flavors, and most chemical products are not key to OPTIMAL HEALTH.

But what were not common sense to me?


There are real-life healthy foods out there that should be beneficial to us as humans but our immune response to them is no bueno and because we’ve damaged our bodies so much over years and years and years of “not so ideal” choices some of these foods may react negatively.

My testing pointed out reactors like TURMERIC, BASIL, EGGS, BEEF, TURKEY, APPLES, BANANAS, and foods higher than normal that I consume nearly every day like bell pepper!

The eye opening reactor was SOLANINE- which apparently is common in folks with RA as well. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but that’s more than enough evidence for me to be cautious.

And this is different for EVERYONE so I couldn’t eliminate and eat the same exact foods as my mom and expect optimal results.

notes :

-If it was a chemically enhanced product or food that caused a reaction to someone with auto immune, I would instantly remove that product from my house (like old spice deodorant or cheap almond milk that contains ‘gums or thickening agents’) both products have caused those i know with auto immune disease serious issues. So why would I want to use them when there are healthy alternatives?

-If it was a REAL FOOD (from earth, never chemically enhanced or jacked up by us humans) that caused a reaction to someone with auto immune then I wouldn’t just remove it from my diet immediately but I would pay attention to a few things….

1.) what’s the source ? Ex: like 5-6 years ago my mom said she reacted to beef…. so I was like maybe beef isn’t good for me… i removed beef from my life for about a month… I tested my tolerance by eating beef one night & noticed I felt sluggish then woke up with some allergies (I wasn’t sick, I didn’t feel awful or deadly, but I did not feel PERFECT so I knew something wasn’t IDEAL.

When I say perfect I really mean this:

⁃ No stuffy nose

⁃ No headache or brain fog

⁃ No inflammation in joints

⁃ Full of life

If I eat a food that causes me to feel this way then I say… BYE Feliciafood.


I thought my decision was the best. My mom couldn’t do beef and then I knew I was better off without beef.

Many moons later (I had beef then and there for cheat meals and didn’t feel very good after these meals.. EVER… when I say didn’t feel very good I mean…

⁃ “Meat sweats” from the forehead

⁃ Increased body temperature

⁃ Upset stomach

⁃ Sluggishness

⁃ Anything deemed “non-perfect”

And then one night in 2017 we had OMG Burger as a cheat meal and I got the double grass fed beef… I was expecting to feel food coma drunk after but I didn’t … I woke up feeling much better than normal post cheat meal night even though I still had the bun (wheat flour gluten yeast & all…) I then stuck to the grass fed…

It still didn’t CLICK in my slow brain why I could eat grass fed beef until I found the book DEEP NUTRITION and was enlightened on the massive differences of 100% GRASS FED BEEF compared to beef that consumed grains and were raised improperly.

And since that time I’ve learned even more about the differences in grass and grain fed animals… the balance of omega 3 to 6 fatty acids are terrible in grain fed beef ( like 1:4-6 based on what I’ve found) compared to a typical 1:1 or 1:2 omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.

***These nutrient deficiencies are not just with beef they are the reality behind ALL foods***

So not only did the cheaper beef I was consuming contain all of these toxins, improper fat balance, and damaged proteins but the inflammation response to my body was noticeable as well. Oh, for all the people who need CLINICAL EVIDENCE to prove what should be common sense… uh NO I don’t have the lab work that the grain fed beef actually was toxic to my body, I just have my word on how I felt… and why would I spent 2-3+ times as much money for my foods now if I didn’t feel a true difference ? If I could eat $2 beef and feel as good as I do eating $10 beef then that would be a no brainer…. but I know better and the evidence as to WHY I feel better is starting to magically appear due to social media awareness and badass doctors and scientists spreading TRUTH finally.

Up until recently I was eating grass fed beef 2-3 times per week with none of the same obvious reactions as before.

This (BEEF) is only 1 of HUNDREDS of foods I went through this process with. I’ve gotten overly creative finding out my tolerances to foods.

I’ve been happy with how I feel and the foods that work for me but I still want to optimize myself more! With a lot of my time going to different areas of life other than just guinea pigging and logging how I feel on foods or working out all day, I felt it was time to fork over some $$$ on laboratory tests!

Well here I am… this week I am limited to a much smaller list of foods than I’m used to. Some foods that are normally healthy are causing me an unknown inflammatory response so I’m excited to eliminate them from my body for awhile and try to make some progress!

So I created 5 days worth of my Revised Pre and post workout bar.

-—- back in “my prime” I would have added whey or pea protein to allow for 30-40grams of protein per bar. Just kidding, 25 wasn’t my prime, I feel WAY better now than I did back then and I know I’ll feel even better in a few years than I do now because I’m still figuring out how to find my peak! It’s getting better and better… the flavored powders would have made this way sweeter and artificially flavored any way I would like, awesome ! NOT, that is not awesome, force yourself to create yummy flavors out of real food——

-—- recently, up until last week I would have used 2 cups hemp seeds, fermented pea protein powder, and not used any oats to add healthy fats and protein. This recipe cuts the protein down quite a bit so I’ll have to make daily substitutions to ensure I’m getting my daily protein needs in (for me that’s like 130-160grams per day and I weigh 185lbs- I also believe the majority of people overeat protein and do not appreciate the value of high quality protein sources. I’ve felt tremendously better by lowering my grams of protein from 1g per lb of bodyweight to around .75 grams per lb., and that’s a huge decrease from what I consumed from 22 years old until around 4 years ago when I was eating around 1.5-2x by bodyweight in protein because I read too many muscle & fitness, yooohoos health, and bodybuilding dot com articles on how important that “anabolic window” post workout is and before bed and right when you wake up yada yada. They add protein to everything now like hey this is the new super protein cereal it’s really good for you (yeah that protein is trash and so is the cereal)… we as a society have been through so many roller coasters on “macros” over the last 20 years or whatever… we have been convinced LOW FAT, NO CARB, GLUTEN FREE, NO SUGAR, KETO FRIENDLY, PALEO, HIGH PROTEIN, ADKINS FRIENDLY, HEART HEALTHY, ZERO CHOLESTEROL… the list is endless

Anyways, here’s the recipe… but don’t go for the kill until you finish reading.

15 dates

6 cups sprouted oats (don’t use Quaker or one of the cheap oats full of glyphosate!) organic sprouted oats please (if you can even tolerate them, Marisa had a terrible response to Oats on her MRT test)

2 cups pecans

1 cup cashews

1 cup coconut flour

1/4 cup pure date nectar

2 cups water

1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt

Food process or superblend sprouted oats, pecans, cashews, and dates until they are all powder and the dates are a big pile of mush.

Combine everything in a bowl and massage it all up with your hands. (Don’t use soap on your hands before doing this as the soap chemicals may ruin your magical creation) and the bacteria on your hands might save your gut… who really knows?

Smash everything in a 9×13” pan…

Bake 325 degrees give or take for 35 minutes

The macro breakdown… I usually don’t pay that close of attention to my macros as long as I’m eating all high quality foods. HOWEVER, when I’m trying a new meal plan, making diet switches, or anything drastic changes I make sure to log the macros for a few days to make sure I’m not WAY off the “norm.”

4,296 calories for 9 servings (for me) at 488 (I’ll call it 500) calories.

53 g carbs

29 g fat

11 G protein

Well… you win some and you lose some. These are a little Dryyyyyy. They were actually much better this morning after being refrigerated all night. It would go perfect with a cup of coffee or Yerba mate.

One positive side is that this forces me to drink extra water full of minerals pre and post workout.

The other is that all 5 days I eat these bars this week I have the opportunity to visualize how to input my allowed foods to fit in this recipe & enhance the flavor!


Banana would be awesome but I tested high for bananas so that won’t work for me.

Peanut butter would be awesome but I tested super high for peanuts.

I used to use sesame seeds in my bars but I had to remove sesame.

Protein powders would allow for a better texture instead of using 2 cups of pecans I would have used 1 cup plus the protein, which would also increase the protein per serving and decrease the fats, but I can’t do the protein powders right now….

So hemp seeds could be great as a protein and fat source blended in place of some of the pecans and protein powder… BUT I reacted high to hops and hemp seeds fall under there so I’m removing them for the time being (I should be able to re-introduce them soon).

Vanilla & Ceylon cinnamon were two of my goto flavor enhancers… I react to both of them bahaha so they are gone for awhile! I can’t wait to fix these issues 🙂


I’m going to add wild blueberries, organic strawberries, take out 1/2 of the coconut powder, and remove 1 cup of the oats.

So next weeks test batch will be:

15 dates

5 cups sprouted oats

2 cups pecans

1 cup cashews

1 cup frozen wild blueberries

1 cup organic strawberries

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/4 cup pure date nectar

2 cups water ( I may add slightly more to see if this helps soften them up)

1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt

To make this closer to “keto friendly” you could cut the oats and swap for hemp seeds, this would cut the carbs down a lot. Then having the dates in there as your carb source could be okay for those who do “targeted ketogenic diets” (which I would assume most keto athletes would do)?

Cyclic ketogenic diet crew could eat these on their “carb loading” days.

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