What a Day to be a Boss

If you’re the “boss” or “head in charge” of your corporate lunches or have any say in what is provided to your employees or guests and you provide them free cellular destroying, mucus filled, inflammatory causing “food” options with no healthy choice and on top of that allow “peer pressure” and “public shaming” for not eating the bull 💩 then boo hiss. This is not an example of great leadership and you should be exposed.

But if that is you.. or you feel guilty right now… don’t get your undies twisted in a WOD over me… just fix yourself. Take a step back and see how you can improve your impact on those around you by providing the gift of health and wellness to those you are the “BOSS” over.

It’s really frustrating when members come to me upset because they felt pressured into eating deep fried, highly processed meals provided to them at work lunches, business trips, conventions, breakfasts, (or whatever)…

I understand that SOME people can make this lifestyle work and not cave in. But we should all understand that MOST people, particularly the ones who are constantly looking for help and guidance in health and nutrition do not have the discipline and mindset built up to withstand this type of peer pressure.

I mean I personally live for this stuff and I have caved in numerous times because I didn’t want to feel like a D-BAG by denying the party favors or whatever else is offered to me. But I only have to deal with these pressures when I force myself into the situation. I’m never forced into a corporate lunch setting with deep fried chicken, mashed potatoes cooked with poorly processed oils and refined salts, then sugary desserts and who knows what to drink. For some people, this happens 5+ times per week. When traveling, this could be 2-3x per day plus alcohol in the evenings… I’ve seen people make great progress then come home from a business trip 10-15lbs heavier and DESTROYED mentally because they feel like they failed.

We constantly hear complaints about “decreased work productivity, people missing work days due to illness, and insurance rates rising” but when you look at one of the root causes of all three of these issues (POOR LIFESTYLE CHOICES) it seems like a no brainer to provide employees REAL FOOD for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when given the opportunity.

***Be a fearless leader, lead from the front, and make sure you have a plan to where you are going before you take others with you.***

The plan SHOULD or COULD begin with knowledgeable health and wellness coaches for your company. Group fitness discounts, health challenges, and weekly or monthly consults with coaches who can help those who care. Then finding a way to budget REAL food into the cafeterias, lunch rooms, vending machines, and places you may gather.

Nobody should be shamed for trying to make a healthier choice. If it was one person coming to me about this pressure I would think “hey, quit being a baby.” But… it’s a regular ordeal. From what I’ve gathered it’s incredibly hard to live a healthy lifestyle in the cooperate sector. I’ve never been there. Coaching the mindset of people who travel regularly, work 12+ hour days, and get 4 or less quality hours of sleep per night has been an adventure to me.

This awareness is relatively new to me. I’m ignorant to many corporate wellness issues because I’ve never “been there”. I just go by what others have told me.

It’s like the world of medicine in my mind. There seems to be great corporate wellness programs out there just like there are amazing doctors around and there seems to be horrible ones who could care less about their employees and only have the $$$ on the mind. High fives all around to the companies out there promoting and encouraging health rather than providing toxic damaging nonsense and shaming to those who are trying to improve.

This starts with the BOSSES. If you’re a boss, be a leader and figure out how to improve the health and wellness of those around you. Please?

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