What if most know it alls know nothing at all…

As soon as you think you know the answer, the answer is so old news you are 10 years late and out of date.

The more we think we know about health, the less we actually know… we have been wrong over and over and over and over again… and guess what, we are STILL WRONG. We just won’t realize how wrong we are today until we learn more tomorrow, and more then next day.

Nutrition “experts”, medical “experts”, sports performance “experts” are at the top of their class now… maybe.. but when you look back in history about how ignorant we were 100 years ago (Hitler was less than 100 years ago- to show how large scale groups can be so heavily influenced) How wrong our idea of “healthy” food was 50 years ago… compared to 30 years ago.. compared to 20 years ago… wait, 10 years ago the yolk of the egg was still “bad” for us 😂😂😂. But wait yet again.. cholesterol is bad.. no, it’s good… the more you research, learn, and begin to “know” the more complex it gets and the more you realize NOBODY KNOWS. WE ARE constantly trying to learn and adapt.

Which leads me into repeating my “attention getter…”

As soon as you think you know the answer, the answer is so old news you are 10 years late and out of date.

I’ve come close to losing my mind over and over and over again trying to figure out how I can get my gym members, family, and friends TRULY HEALTHY.

I’ve lost my mind (what’s left of it anyways) over and over again trying to figure out what truly makes me feel my best and how much “lee-way” I should give myself on “cheat foods” to feel my best physically and mentally. Because yeah physically one food diet may allow me to feel my best, but emotionally that same diet may cause suffering (which could cause cellular damage)…

A step further, one diet may cause slightly more inflammation with less cognitive benefits, but will allow me to feel better physically throughout the day… so maybe it’s worth switching diets regularly based on tasks ahead.

For Food and Drug Administration to “prescribe” a one size fits all model to live by to over THREE HUNDRED MILLION HUMANS is to guarantee that we are WRONG and going to look foolish in 10 years, more foolish in 20 years, extra foolish in 30, and flat out ridiculous in 40 years…. wait another 100 years, we (humans) will either be non existent or well… living off medicine and “science” because at this rate (look at the charts) we will be infertile and so “sick” with no real food available that we are living off laboratories and whatever else we create. (Keeping in mind whatever we don’t have to create, what has already been created for us) should be what we have lived on and feed ourselves with.

If you are wondering why you wasted your time reading this rant, just know the reason behind this was to share that NO EXPERTS ARE 100% sure of ANYTHING, what we “know” today could be 90% correct in 10 years, 80% correct in 20 years, and ass backwards in 30 years so do your own research, pay attention to how YOUR body feels, and don’t fall asleep cause your mind will be manipulated by the “experts.” The lion and the lamb.

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