So what’s wrong with America? A lot of poop. But not anymore than is wrong with each one of us pointing the finger and the blame. We have an abundance of cells in our human bodies that can be full of life and love or we can fill ourselves with negative energy and hate (literally negative energy in the cells) and blast everyone and everything we can on social media to make matters worse in our own minds as well as others around us or we can start pointing out some positives and provide CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK and TEACH/PREACH provide others with knowledge (without charging them a consulting fee) to make WHERE WE ARE ALL CHOOSING TO LIVE BY OUR OWN FREEDOM a better place. If you hate USAmerica and everyone living here then get your toxic ass away from us. I’m sick of these parasites.

Oh wait I was just creating negative energy…

But for real..

Honestly since I’ve been more public about lifestyle choices I feel like I’m having to watch my six (watch my back as most say). We are all so patient to wait for the one moment someone slips & then we are so quick to BLAST each other over anything. I feel like the moment I say something that is proven false clinically one day I get like 10 messages of people like I knew you were wrong how can you tell ppl this blah blah (I’m referring to the coconut oil drama that went down). Well for one… STFO. and for two if I give 100 pieces of decent advice and 1 out of the 100 might not be the best then get over it. We aren’t going to give PERFECT advice all the time. We aren’t going to go through life just perfect and not caught on camera saying or doing some stupid crap cause we’re always on camera now.

Nobody is always correct, no doctor, no expert, no random Joe like me, no politician, none of us know THE answer. That’s because there is no exact answer. GOD KNOWS THE ANSWER. As soon as we think we know the answer we learn more and more and it’s extremely easy to pick apart someone else’s beliefs or opinions.

Like hey! What’s wrong with America? That’s so damn easy… I could list 10,000,000 things going “wrong” it’s EASY to find flaws and imperfections because WE ARE NOT PERFECT (by design).

I give my honest opinion on all matters of health. I’ll humbly admit how many horrible lifestyle choices I’ve made and continue to make, because admitting them helps me grow and I know it can help others who have dealt with the same situation. People feel ashamed now days for admitting wrong doing because so many people we look up to on TV get their lives DESTROYED by social media for not being perfect.

As soon as I realize I need to get the attention out on a specific matter it’s easy to get people’s attention by blasting our FDA and health policies/ guidelines. It’s easy for me to see where we are going wrong and expose those areas. But what good does that do without taking action on how to make actual change?

Cool yeah, the food pyramid is and always has been garbage. This needs to be known otherwise people won’t look for answers.

But where should they ask questions to get trustworthy answers? Without providing some form of opinion on the topic it’s just creating chaos like a rebel without a cause.

It’s easy to put doctors and medicine on blast to get attention to matters of health because such a huge mess has happened just like whether you love President Trump or hate him it’s EASY to point at his flaws. It would be very easy for anyone who knows me on a personal level to point out 100 lifestyle flaws I live with.

Show me something that will help me. Please.

Post about something positive going on in your family’s life that could help me strive for that. Please.

With all the SIN and “wrong” around us we need to quit wasting energy pointing out the obvious. If we want change (no matter what area of life) we need to address and stand up for what we believe in and grow over constructive criticism.

I don’t want to focus negative energy on how the FDA failed us in the passed. I just want to use that data to bring awareness to the situation. Not to cause chaos or strike fear.

I care about how we can make changes moving forward and I am realizing more and more I cannot further change without a firmer understanding of politics. I’ve always hated politics but mainly because I am ignorant in that field so it’s intimidating. Especially because MANY (not all) knowledgeable folks in this area try to show you how much they know and pull the ole power move handshake type of stuff to make you feel stupid. It’s okay, I’ll figure it out.

BUT what I want everyone to do (homework assignment) is this…

Everyone give me at least 5 things great about ‘Merica 3,2,1 go.

I think it’s great I can post basically whatever I want on here.

I think it’s great doctors can publish material that does not have to be exactly as “prescribed” in school.

I think it’s great I wake up and feel safe.

I think it’s great I mess up hundreds of times each day and I always have another chance to do better, somehow.

I think it’s great we have so many different mindsets and individuals that we are not hypnotized by an almighty leader like other countries have faced.

Anyways, pardon the French but I hope you all kick this weekend’s Ass. Make it “legit or epic” or just relax and spread some love.

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