WHEAT This… this is not about gluten

Before you freak out… I’m not telling you not to enjoy a piece of wedding cake or skip the special occasion pizza night… or beer 30 with the friends to celebrate the Astros winning the World Series back to back in 2018.

I am telling you that WHEAT SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT BE A STAPLE IN ANY HUMAN’S diet. And sadly it is…

I am also telling you that gluten is not the only enemy when consuming wheat.


Wheat isn’t just a problem for people with celiac disease, and there’s more to wheat than gluten. Wheat germ agglutinin and amylase trypsin inhibitors are not the same thing as gluten and you can be sensitive to them regardless of how your body handles gluten, leading to food sensitivities and issues like leaky gut syndrome.

If you care at all… or know someone fighting a chronic illness or issue there are a few rules I live by… maybe you can share with them and tell them I’m far from a doctor but I know no less than 14 people with auto immune “disease” and when they remove wheat from their diet “things” improve. This is not the ONLY factor but it is ONE proven factor. So let’s eliminate this factor and move on to the second… and then the third…. until we eliminate all factors leading to health and wellness decline.

1.) Limit wheat products to once per day at the MOST, to allow your stomach and intestinal cells to repair . Back to back meals containing wheat, day in and day out is highly likely to cause issue over time. Many of these problems can show up randomly one day as intolerances, ulcers, and many other GI issues. But I’m not a doctor, I’m just relaying information provided to me FOR FREE by a man with a PHD- a super doctor man. (Not being sarcastic, he’s a cool dude). Any dude willing to give two free hours of their day at that level of education is an awesome dude in my book… wish we had that in Katy Texas. Cough cough. I’ll pay, I’m just broke spending all my money on healthy stuff that I give away for free to all my friends so they can see what I’m talking about.

2.) Eating a wheat product during a “cheat meal” every 4-5 days at most seems more logical to truly allow your gut to heal, for those with the discipline to do so.

3.) If I had auto-immune, obesity, or any chronic disease I would NEVER consume wheat or wheat products. There is no argument here. You can do it if you want, I’m not your doctor, but I’m telling you I would never touch the stuff. Maybe once per year on vacation, maybe.

Have a healthy weekend!

If I decide to drink, I’ll stay away from the processed sugar drinks, keep my food intake to healthy fat and protein sources, and I’ll replace my carbs with the drinks I consume responsibly of course. Or just go to No Label Brewery and get the sittin’ sidehaze on a 8 hour fasted stomach post workout, maybe even get a beer with wheat in it since I haven’t had any wheat in a while, my cells should be good to go… Just keeping it real.

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