Wrapped up in Popcorn, Shrimpy Fish, and Crisco Crap

Who knew there are** (grammar fix) so many popcorn choices? I didn’t really think about it until now…

The bagged popcorn section… no mater what, this SHOULD be a special treat, not an everyday snack for ANYBODY, but if I had a chronic illness I would never touch corn of any kind, unless I was at a wedding and they served corn tacos or something, that would be a very rare special treat and then I would quickly after consuming remember why I do no longer eat corn products (cause they make me want to take a nap)… but maybe that’s just me.

We could go into deep chat about the negative effects of corn and what that industry has helped contribute to our country but I’ll spare the blood pressure spike and get to the issue… if you decide to eat popcorn the TOP shelf popcorn would include you buying organic corn and popping your own popcorn in a stainless steel pot or in a “popcorn maker”- that homemade popcorn will ensure it’s fresh, not stored in a package for months on in and that the oils you use are high quality. So organic corn kernels, grass fed butter, avocado oil, or sesame seed oil, and sprinkled with Himalayan salt. If you are craving the movie theater vibe then melt additional grass fed butter on top. You could literally eat as much of this as you can handle and it would without a doubt be healthier than any store bought garbage. Except maybe one that I see here…

Which brings us to the tier 3/4 popcorn! Hidden at the very top we have the winner. “Buddha Bowl” brand popcorn. This is at Whole Foods but I once saw them at Kroger. The grass fed GHEE with Himalayan salt is the preferred choice here. They have another one that has 7 grams of sugar per serving. Stay away from that one. The ingredients should be CORN, GRASS FED BUTTER OR GHEE (or coconut oil-although if it’s packaged it’s most likely refined coconut oil but who’s noticing…. and then Himalayan salt. Nothing else.

The tier 2 popcorns:

The outstanding MARKETING SCAM AWARD goes to…. well it’s a draw ladies and gentlemen! Boom chica pop and skinny pop win the award for looking awesome and scamming us all with their fancy labels and deceit. They use poorly processed oils and are not the healthiest choice, but at least they are a step above the bottom shelf. If they do boom chica pop in your mouth the only kind of skinny they will make you is fat inside so that’s not a good thing. Equal to those are the 365 brand from Whole Foods. I would expect much more out of a Whole Foods brand to be honest. A company marketing themselves as healthy should hold themselves to a top shelf standard (their prices are top shelf) so their products should be as well.

In the 3 listed above, the corn is non organic so the chemicals are extra high they all use sunflower,safflower, or canola oil that has not been processed properly, and refined salt. There is nothing completely artificial like some of the brands to follow but they are a similar price to healthier brands so might as well go healthier on this one 🙂

I would allow Lennon to snack on the Buddha Bowl brand and that one only.

I saved the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL for the microwaveable popcorn loaded with poorly refined oils, salts, and artificial flavoring.

Like I said… I would rather eat a whole stick of grass fed butter poured over organic popcorn and smothered in Himalayan salt than ever eat a single piece of artificially flavored “movie theater” popcorn loaded with the closest thing to trans fat legally allowed any day… this is poison.

Buddha Bowl Brand at the top. Makin’ moves.

I was actually so inspired by the popcorn section at Whole Foods that I decided to check out HEBs section… I was pleasantly surprised to see they had organic popping corn (this does not mean it’s great for us) but it is a step above non-organic corn and it gives people the opportunity to make healthier popcorn options for friends & family…

get this^ and learn how to pop with healthy oils and home made seasonings.

Below is a Brand called Quinn that I’ve never seen before. They have the best “microwave” option at HEB Pin Oak by a long shot, none of the others are on the same level.

The just sea salt is the best option and it’s comparable price wise to the inferior brands.

Below is another scam brought to us by HEB. Don’t get this message twisted, I’m a Texan who loves HEB… however, putting organic on a product to attempt marketing a healthy product is deceitful unless it’s truly a healthy product. There is a reason it’s $2. Stay away. It’s organic corn with cheap oils which means it’s organic garbage.

Ok, now I’m kind of confused and pissed… the famous Orville uses artificial sweeteners in their popcorn ? Sucralose loaded on top of refined palm oil (garbage). Wonderful, let’s kill ALL of our good cells and destroy our guts for only $2! Winning!

Don’t let these brands fool you. Refined palm oil is not healthy. People tend to read palm and think it’s healthier than vegetable but really any poorly refined oil creates oxidative stress and ruins the fatty acid balance. That’s never a good thing. Stay away from all foods with refined oils. Even refined coconut oil.

And you shouldn’t cook olive oil so if a product that’s been cooked with olive oil is sitting in a packaged product that’s no bueno either.

Above is an example of a brand that still exists because of our sins.

If everyone would rally together to quit buying this trash they would go out of business and all their employees would be forced to find work helping someone rather than ruining souls. That my thoughts on all “famous” brands that sell fake food products at “affordable prices” like the owner of the patriots for example. If I was a billionaire from selling people processed cheese product then I would make sure that was some healthy cheese product. But that’s why I’m not a billionaire.

Just more photos of popcorn for no good reason.

They place all the “healthy” options in the same area with the pop corn you can make on your own stuffed in the bottom corner.

Let’s be realistic, people are going to eat popcorn. That’s cool, you may not die or instantly gain weight from a cheat meal with popcorn. But it’s definitely a food that should be TOP SHELF ONLY. NoT something that should be chosen based off marketing or loaded with chemicals.

Lord please get me away from the popcorn section….

Poof, you see sometimes prayers can be answered on the spot!

On to the shrimp, I meant to take pics of all the seafood but I was getting anxiety from the fish man wondering why I was taking photos of the shrimp. I didn’t want him to think I was taking selfies.

But anyways… before we continue I need you to close your eyes and imagine 1,000,000 shrimp confined to a small warm, muddy, poop piled bacteria infested “farm.” Have the visual? Okay now imagine those shrimp getting caught in the net and shipped to the grocery store… some of these are apparently shipped all the way from the farms in Thailand…? Why?.. well that’s what I want a cheap garbage raised shrimp that spent weeks transporting then thawed out at my local Kroger to melt in my stomach.


ALWAYS buy WILD CAUGHT fish and shrimp.

Not sometimes, ALWAYS. Dirty sea food is freakin disgusting. I know some of you are thinking I’m a germaphobe tittybaby.. and that’s fine, I’m def not a germaphobe I hardly use soap ?… so I used to be a germaphobe in high school when I thought “GERMS” contributed to my acne that was really due to mucus, inflammation, hormone imbalances from processed food etc… but no I’m not a germaphobe I’ve just seen these fish farms and it’s something that should be illegal. We should build a wall around them, pour concrete in the water, and send these “farmers” on a job hunt.

Besides how disgusting farm raised seafood is… the amount of beneficial micro-nutrients is next to none compared to wild caught and the process that occurs in our bodies from the time we swallow high quality nutrients compared to the destruction that happens each time we swallow poor quality nutrients makes the extra $$ spent on wild caught worth every penny.

If you can’t afford high quality meats and fish then you’re better off avoiding them. Or just eat smaller portions of the good stuff to cut down on cost then fill up on other quality foods.

Crawfish boils are famous and I get it, so much fun and beer etc. but who actually likes an unseasoned crawfish? I used to love crawfish (I thought) but what I really loved was the addictive seasoning that was dumped on the crawfish.

99.9% of people are in love with the MSG- monosodium glutamate- and other “natural and artificial” flavors infused in the flavoring of the crawfish. If you can’t enjoy the flavor of something without all the fake chemicals poured on top them it’s toxic and not worth eating.

If you have a crawfish boil at home make your own seasonings with Himalayan salt, cayenne pepper, and whatever other truly natural spices and herbs it takes to enjoy the crawfish. Otherwise, if you choose to demolish 200lbs of shells with some meat in there per year then don’t complain about all the issues that come about from these choices.

The oils… in my opinion, poorly processed oils are even worse than highly processed refined sugars. They both are highly acidic and wreak having on our cells, feed Candida/yeast, and work off each other to allow “bad lipids” to linger around our bodies… the bad fats just happen to linger around and destroy cells for an extended period of time, which is why I believe they are the king of destruction…

Oil is something to NEVER go cheap on. Pay attention to the oils you use.

BOTTOM SHELF: those massive tubs on the bottom shelf are on the bottom shelf for a good reason.

Crisco crap in the jugs is trash don’t buy it. If you have “traditional family recipes” that call for this, figure out a way to change the tradition and bless your family with real food next holiday occasion. There’s plenty of healthy cheat meals made with real food that taste amazing there’s no reason to slaughter yourself to save a tradition. Sorry just another one of my unwarranted opinions.

Below are spray cans… they are not needed. Pour some oil on the pan and rub it in you don’t need spray.

Canola is garbage avoid it.

A high quality olive oil is good but don’t cook with olive oil or you are essentially turning it into a low grade refined oil (that’s bro science). But you def don’t want to cause oxidative stress to your oils, which is what happens in a microwave and high heats in a pan.

A high quality sesame seed oil I see down there is good to go. Gooooo sesame !

Peanut oil is trash. Chicken of the filet got famous for manipulating people’s minds into believing 100% refined peanut oil was better than what competitors were offering… it’s really not. Chicken is rather low on nutrients to begin with compared to other meats so then slamming it in batter and throwing it into a tub of the hottest grease possible just basically turns an average piece of cheap chicken into a carcinogenic, oxidative, worthless piece of chemical.

High quality grape seed oils are typically good from what I’ve seen as well.

High quality sunflower and safflower show some quality signs but most are low quality and when there are more proven oils out there I just avoid these unless it’s a rare cheat meal snack.

Stay away from the liquid oils that do not harden when at room temp. That’s sketchy.

Also, take a look at that big “organic” tub of coconut oil below….

That’s refined and trash. It appears to be healthy. It’s not.

UNREFINED, cold pressed= good.

REFINED= trash. If you have this oil throw it away and don’t try the old saying “there’s starving kids in XYZ we can’t let it go to waste!” Well the starving kids don’t want this garbage either, neither do the birds so just dispose of it.

The avocado oil in the top right is good to go. But you can find a much better price than $13.99.

Below is the Ole Crisco with their attempt to regain trust… with an epic attempt they basically take something amazing (the coconut) and pee on it. It even says organic. Well.. we don’t really need organic coconuts since they have a thick noggin and well ITS REFINED so it’s cheap garbage stored in a cheap plastic container. The thing about fats is that THEY ABSORB ALOT, both good and bad. Hence 1 out of 100s of reasons good fats are great and bad fats are awful. Fat that you cook with that’s already been destroyed then absorbed a bunch of plastic material to cook again and pass on to your food for your poor cells to try and figure out is yet another 1 out of 30,000,704 reasons we are so sick as a country. 1 little thing here 2 little things there hour after hour day after day then after 30 years it’s “just bad luck I have a chronic illness” yeah at the end of the day it could be blind luck cause we are all exposed to so many chemicals and toxins on a day to day basis but every action has a reaction. Look at the common denominators of each chronic illness, they will paint a high definition picture for us all to see. There’s a lot more to this than “luck.”

Let me end this post with a serious area of concern for our country. I saw this commercial that made me want to break the screen. People are going to see this commercial and believe that corn oil is healthy. Get the EFFING &”&! Out of here!!!! This is a joke! I would enjoy meeting the creators of this scandalous nonsense in a gladiator arena & handle things the way they did in olden times.


Lets start with the top left where they compare highly refined “cholesterol free” corn oil to extra virgin olive oil.

Actually hell no, let’s start at the bottom right where it boasts about being the number 1 selling heart healthy cooking oil.

If this is the number one selling oil in our country then I want to rip my eyebrows out. This isn’t a small problem. This is what some famous people call BIGLY or maybe BIG LEAGUE. This is a serious issue. Anyone; doctor or peasant, who knows a single thing about the long term consequences of oils LIKE THESE knows that this is an issue. As long as cheap refined oils remain on the market (and used by 99% of restaurants) then we will continue to have chronic health issues on the rise.

And again, like every other little problem that adds up one by one, these oils aren’t the only problem. HOWEVER THEY ARE A HUGE FREAKIN CONTRIBUTION TO A MASSIVE ASS PROBLEM.

Back to the top left…. in fine print at the very bottom and moving too quickly for you to read (I had to rewind the commercial to take the photos) MAZOLA states…

“Very limited and preliminary scientific evidence suggests that by eating 1 tablespoon of corn oil daily may reduce the risk of heart disease due to the unsaturated fat content in corn oil.”

Okay, I honestly believe this is hilarious. I was laughing at the Tv screen until it sank or sunk in my dome that… oh Lord please help us people actually believe this because it’s the top selling oil… the marketing works. Of course they will not get in trouble for lying like this. How could they? Big corn, wheat, dairy, and sugar are untouchable $$$. Between the 4 of them they are worse than Hitler. Stats don’t lie. How many people die from heart disease each year? It’s a lot… what causes heart disease ? Oh it’s just hereditary right ? Yeah if it “runs in the family we are screwed.”

The only CONSTANT common denominator that I’ve seen related to families and heart disease is LIFESTYLE. Yeah, if you live the same lifestyle as 10 other people who had heart disease and chronic illness then unless you’re one of the lucky (not the common) then you’re probably going to get heart disease or a chronic illness.

The only CONSTANT common denominator of “people who get lucky” and avoid heart disease and chronic illness when it “runs in the family” is that they typically do not live the same lifestyle as the others in the family.

The top right picture claims MAZOLA has MORE cholesterol- blocking plant sterols. Then I’m fine print directly below that it says, “FDA concludes there is little scientific evidence supporting this claim….”

WHAT??! Corn oil contains plant sterols that will block cholesterol? Bahaha what does that even mean. This commercial is like a Saturday Night Live skit honestly.

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